Third times a charm :)

By Kashana from Chicago.
Hi, Im Kashana and I was 15 when I got my first belly pierceing.. One day I was with my friend when he came up with a smart idea that he wanted to become a body piercer, being the smart person I am I said that i was willing to be his test dummy but only if I got to choose what piercing I get, those a deal was made.

A few days later I got my belly button pierced and as any normal teenager without promission.

I remember sitting in the chair watching him take the needle out and clamps out of the package and I kept on tell myself “do not cry you can take whatever pain is coming” and as soon as i finished telling myself that he said ” that he is done” i stood up and I felt so proud of myself but after a while my belly button got tender but it went away in a few days…

He told me that i have to do three things 1. Clean it at least twicw a day with H2Ocean or idione salt water 2. Don’t let my mom find out and three no horse play.. long story short I was playing with my 3 year old nephew when he punhed me dead in my belly button then i went to the bathroom to check on it and it was dangling I was so mas but then I didn’t feel any sort of pain so i took it out let it close then wen it healed I asked my friend to pierce me again and he did..

A few days later I went bike riding with my girlfriends when i got home I saw blood spots on my blouse when i looked i did not see my belly button jewerly thats when I knew it fell out, I was so frustrated I was mad for about a week… I’m 17 now and I finally have a belly piecring that has last me for about 9 months now rather than 1 month.. 🙂

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