The WRONG Piercing!!

By Jason, US

Belly Button Piercing Experience

My brother has always wanted his eyebrow pierced. I wanted one a little too but not as bad. So one night me my girlfriend and my brother went to the tattoo parlor (now let me remind you we all wern’t in the right state of mind, good thing the tattoo parlor was right down the street so we didn’t have to drive) 😉

So we go in my brother says he wants his eyebrow done so he signs papers and picks out a blue barbell, goes back behind the counter to get it done. Comes back out yea its looks ok so my girlfriend wanted her belly button done so she does the same signs some papers picks out her ring, she got a plain purple barbell i go back with her she squeezes the crap out of me but it ended up going well.

OK, so now its my turn i thought i was getting my eyebrow done. Nope! I thought wrong i go back and i get something pierced. Somehow i end up walking out with my bellybutton pierced too!!!!!

Let me tell you this is NOT what i wanted at all! 😡

So by now i figure you are wondering how the crap i ended up with my bellybutton done and not my eyebrow…well ok my stupid brother told me that he would give me all my rent money if i did my bellybutton instead of my eyebrow.

Since it’s hidden and that i’m so laid back that i don’t care i go through with it. But the bet was that i had to keep it in for a year and wear whatever belly ring he picked out for me! Ugh! 😯

Why did i ever agree to do this? So i walk out with a PINK ring and now he’s making me wear a pink one with dangling hearts!! Bad idea don’t ever go up on bets with your older brothers!


  1. wow what did your gf say about that tell him to get his done lol i have my belly botton to but im 12 and a girl lol srry about that lolz

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