The worst.

By Alexandraa, from White Plains NY.

On December 30th 2010, I went to go get my bellybutton pierced. I lied to my parents and told them I was going to the mall. In November 2010 I turned 13. I always wanted a belly button ring since I was very small. My parents said NO WAY.

SO I asked my older cousin who was 19 who had hers to take me. As I sat down in the chair I was shaking. I started to use my phone and went on Facebook. He started to clamp and he said “take a deep breath…. and let it out.” I was still on Facebook, he PUSHED the needle through and I felt a BIG HUGE sting. “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love Again” was playing.

He left it in for 2 minutes and then went and got a ring. The WORST part was when he changed the needle to the bar/ring. The whole thing took about 5 min. Unfortunetly I was not allowed to pick my starter bar/ring. I got an original titanium bar. I went home and everything was fine. After 2 or 3 weeks, it started to hurt and pus started to come out. I never cleaned it with the Sea-Salt solution. So it got in a infection. Its been 3 months since I got it.

I absolutly love it and the infection got cleared after one week of constinly cleaning it. Yesterday March 4th 2011 I finally changed to ring/bar. I was so scared and I thought it was going to close in .5 second(s). I did it so fast that I didn’t even feel it. After I got mine, all my friends started to get theirs too. I am so happy with it & I would not trade it for anything.

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2 thoughts on “The worst.”

  1. I got a “secret” nipple piercing when I was 17. I went to a shady tattoo shop that never asked for ID. The chick pierced it wrong and actually DECREASED the feeling in my nipple.

    Unprofessional piercers are one of the risks you take when attempting to get a body mod while being underage. I don’t recommend it to anyone. Although my mom was cool enough to let me get my navel pierced when I was 14, and a tattoo when I was 17 (although the condition was that I had to keep the same design for the same part of my body in my mind for 2 years and still be serious about it) I should really have waited for any extreme piercings until my 18th birthday and thought about what I was doing instead of making an impromptu decision. There is a reason that there is an age of maturity. Teen brains are still developing and are under a siege of hormones that impair judgement. The age of maturity is in place to make sure a person is capable of making a mature and well thought out choice. (Not that that works all the time, haha. I know some adults that have the mentality of a five year old and some kids that have the wisdom and maturity of a little old lady.)

    As for not cleaning it… That was just silly of you. Piercers and tattoo artists will ALWAYS give you care instructions, as if they don’t (at least here in Canada) it’s breaking the law.

    Next time you get a body mod, think it through thoroughly and do your research. Follow the instructions given to you.

  2. Alexandra, see? This is why they should require PARENTS to accompany the child. Yes, that’s right, you’re still a child and you’re still not sure what is it that you want. Don’t go out there and make decisions that you could regret later on.
    I had the most difficult parents in the world. When I was 13, I wasn’t even allowed to go out with friends and play! It was one of the saddest experiences I’ve been through. But the point is, my parents made it clear for me that I couldn’t have any piercing, dye my hair, or whatever the case might have been. And I had to live with that. I did. I understood their point of view and now I truly appreciate it.
    Sure enough, I grew up and started doing things on my own. One of the “things” was a belly button piercing. It was now my parent’s turn to understand that I know what I’m doing, that I won’t regret it. That’s the best thing above all: making sure I’m aware of the consequences. I wonder what would’ve happened had I started getting piercing at 13… and without their consent, lol…
    Anyway, enjoy! It looks good, make sure yo take care of it and, take it as a friendly advice: please do think things thoroughly before doing them.

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