The time my belly piercing RIPPED out…

By Val from Tinley Park.
I finally convinced my parents to let me get my belly pieced as my Christmas gift when I was about to turn 17. I had always desired the look, especially since I had a good figure for a belly piercing. One of my good friends recently got hers done and so I decided to go to the same place.

I went to Body by Design. My parents had to take me in a couple days after Christmas since I wasn’t old enough to get it done by myself. When I walked in, I thought the shop looked cool and sanitary. The piercer I had was extremely nice and worked well with me and my fear of needles. She kept me calm. She used a clamp, which I thought helped with numbing up the area before she stuck the needle through.

I have a low pain tolerance, but I believe the procedure was quick and not too painful. It was more of just a quick pinch. I would compare it to like getting a shot. The piercing cost me $50 and then I gave a $5 tip. When I started to head out, I started to become lightheaded. The piercer informed me that thi is normal with some people.

She informed me to sit down and she gave me a water bottle and a sucker to bring up my sugar level. They gave me a bottle of sanitizer and told me to clean it every day. She also told me not to play with the piercing as it was healing, so it wouldn’t get infected. The night I got home, I was showing my friends my new piercing. As I kept looking at it, I noticed it seemed to be piercing extremely close to the skin. I thought maybe it was just because I was really skinny and didn’t have much fat on my stomach.

Not even two months later, I woke up one morning and my piercing was lying next to my bed. When I looked at my belly button, it was ripped so I couldn’t put the piercing back in and I have a little scar there when the skin closed back up. Even though I had a not so great experience with my first belly piercing, I’m going to get mine re-pierced this summer.

I’m not going to go to the same place obviously, but I’m definitely going to research the place next time…..

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  1. What happend was is when the girl pierced it, she didn’t grasp enough skin in the clamp, and that is why it ripped out.

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