The story behind the run around…

By Liv from Bonita Springs.
 Well to start I told my mom how I wanted my nose and bellybutton pierce for my sixteenth birthday. So she did some calling around for me and I did some calling around too to find out what the process of getting a piercing was.

We found out that I needed to have a form of ID. So my mom took me over to the tax collector. I couldn’t believe how much paper work the tax collector needed just for a State ID. They needed to proofs of residents your birth certificate and my mom’s ID. Then she took me to get my piercings but when we got there the tattoo place they gave us a sheet that we had to go get notarized and it was now after five and we were hoping the pack n ship was still open for us to get a notary.

So my mom and I drove over there to end up finding out they closed early that day. So we drove back over to tattoo place where both the tattooist and my mom tried to find another notary. We finally found someone that did it out of their house.

So my mom drove over there. In the process of us eaving the in home notary my mom lost her footing and broke her favorite shoes still in pursuit to getting my piercings done. She responded in saying the things I do for my daughter. Once back at the tattoo place we filled out the paper work and showed the guy our IDs.

Then from there I picked out my piercings. The guy took us back to where he was going to pierce me. So he started with my nose he marked my left side and asked me if I was ready then it was all over. My nose was finally pierced! Next was my belly button he had me stand up and went to go mark my belly but I couldn’t stop moving. Eventually I was able to stand still.

Once I was marked it was time to pierce my belly button. Then he had me lay down and he put the clamp on my skin what’s funny is that’s what hurt the most. He was then ready to slide the needle in I do have to say it did hurt a little but not as much as the clamp. Now I’ve got my piercings and still plan to get more.

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