The Pride for My Belly Piercing

By Destiny from Goldsboro, NC.

It Was My Freshman Year in College. A new part of my life was just beginnning. A new part called womanhood. So what better way to show it than get some sort of symbol for it. I already had a tattoo ever since I was 14 so that wasn’t it. My bestfriend has two peircings and at the time I had none.

She had the snakebites and a belly button piercing. So I decided to get me a belly button piercing. We both went to the parlor on Ash Street and she sat with me while I got it done. As the procedure started, I began to question him about pain and infections and what to expect. He ensured me that it wouldn’t be as bad as I thought . So he marked the spot on my stomach and before you know it , it was all over.

I screamed because he didn’t warn me. But as I look back on it now I feel stupid. Because it was less pain than what I thought it was going to be. I had a half shirt on to keep my piercing from touching my shirt. That was the only pain really. But after a some weeks that all ended too. Afterall, te piercing was worth it and it made me proud. Its now a representation of me being a woman.

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