The Pain of an Infected Belly Piercing

by Megan

(Iron mountain, MI, United States)

I got my belly button pierced when I was 11 years old and I’m now 12 and it’s been done healing for 2 weeks

When I first got it pierced it got infected because I’m allergic to stainless steal so I would always get scabs and eventually the ring was rotting so it just broke in half and now I can only wear bioplast, 14k gold, or titanium belly rings.

I can only get them on or at the Jcpenny store in my town.

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  1. OH MY JEEZ! im 19 and i just recently got my 11 years old is too young and pretty weird to see. Damn how generations change to much. When i was 11 nobody had a BELLY BUTTON PIERCING. Dont try to grow up to fast… god thats weird

  2. im getting my naval pieced in about 1 week n im 13. My mum said sure when i first asked her only if i pay for it. The only thing im worried about is it rejecting or getting severly infected. I gave my ears pieced when i was 10 and closed up when i was 11 and a half. When i was 12 i repieced them my self and now they’re fine, no problems. I really want my belly pieced and no one in years 7, 8, 9 has theirs done. Im really excited and getting a barbell done. Jw what place to get it done on the goldcoast, please relpy.
    thanxs amber.

  3. im 12 and got mine done when i was 11 and had heaps of problems its now my 5th month and its going good but im still going to a tatoo parlor to check out my belly ring better be safe then sorry 🙂

  4. honestly i dont think theres anything rong with the fact she’s 11.and its wrong to say her mom doesnt care.dont know her mom. .11 is VERY young.iymm 13 trying to get mines pierced

  5. You were eleven!? Jesus almighty. That’s disgustingly young for a naval piercing. I cannot believe your mother allowed that or that any reputable piercer would pierce a CHILD.

  6. i pierced my belly button three days ago,
    i’m fifteen,
    and i did it myself, without parental knowlage.
    and i upgauged in two days.

  7. I just got mine and im 14. Are u in public school cause obviously ur mom doesn’t care wat the hell u do. I am in a private high school and I am turning 15. And I got on the honor roll so she let me also get 20 other piercings so I can change them

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