The Longer The wait the Sweeter the Piercing!

By Shanese from Atlanta, Georgia.
I had wanted a piercing for a long time. I just always thought they were cute and stylish. When my friend got one I also wanted to get one soon. My parents were kind of strict so I had to figure out how to ask for one.

I was almost 14 and I decided I would ask my mom first since its easier for me to get my way with her on this subject matter. The first few times I asked her for one she said no. My dad absolutely didn’t want me to have one and there was no way of changing his mind. I asked my mom over the course of a few months if I could get the piercing and her answer remained the same.

A few weeks before my 15 birthday she told me that she had a surprise for me. When it finally came to two days of my birthday she told me that I could get my belly button pierced.

She called around to a few piercing shops to see if any of them would pierce a minor and the first few shops we called said no. Then finally we called a shop that said they would do it and they were about 15 minutes away.

Me y mom and my sister all went to the piercing shop and looked around. It looked nice and clean in there. I saw the display that had the different rings I could choose from. My mom signed some paper work while I picked out a ring. Then we had to wait for my ring to sterilize. They called me back and I had to lay back on a reclining chair. The piercer got the marker and put dots above my bellybutton to tell him where to pierce me.

Now I was getting nervous. He put the clamps on and that hurt more then the needle did. Then he counted to 3 and the needle was through. Then he slid the ring in.

I’ve had the ring for almost 10 months now and its almost completely healed! I didn’t have any complications with the healing and I changed the ring at 2 months.

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