The long wait!

By Brianna Carr, York, PA

Belly button piercing story

In July I had asked my dad to let me get my navel pierced for the first time! As I expected the answer was a NO. So he and I made a bet……I get honor roll and I can get it done but it had to be all 4 marking periods. Knowing me that when out the window in the first marking period. As holidays went by…my birthday, Christmas, New Year, Valentines Day, and Easter.

Now it was track season! YAHAH!!!! πŸ˜† Now there was a new deal. Run the 400m in a minute or less. Now thatÒ€ℒs super hard considering I was in middle school! ❗ I made it to counties and got gold in the 200m, 400m, and 4×4 relay! Since there was bad wind my dad said I would have made it under a minute.

Also, I won 3 gold in COUNTIES, a major accomplishment! So he decided to let me get it done. πŸ˜€

On 5.15.09 myself and my friend Sam went to pro ink in York, PA. As we entered there were 3 men sitting there chatting! The one with the hat and the tattoos got up handed Sam and I a paper to sign, and our parents signed and we headed on back to a room with a reclined chair.

The man got out a box and let us chose our body jewelry. Of course I went first…he had me stand and dotted me with a purple marker. Then, he put the clamp on me and instructed me to lie down on the chair. He made a couple jokes and told me on the count of 3 to take a deep breathe.

As I did so the needle when through. He then told me to exhale which I had a hard time doing. Then I was done! Did hurt a bit. Sam went through the same thing. My purple belly ring and her white belly ring shining with the lights in the place. Since then I have been taking care of my navel ring. As for Sam she had to take it out and screw it back through for cheerleading.

The picture is from the day we got it done! πŸ™‚

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