The first one!

Sent in by Janice, from New Orleans
My story starts when I was 14 years old. I was never really interested in having my nose pierced until I noticed one day that this girl had one, and I thought it was really cute. After I saw it, I decided to do some research, and I knew that I needed to get one. So what did I do to get it?

First I asked my mommy dearest, but got the usual no. I tried for about 3 months to convince her, but I lost. I gave up on that option and decided to do it myself. How did I do it myself, you ask? Simple question, really.
I first bought a straight nose stud, NOT THE SPIRAL ONE. Then I looked around my house for something sharp to poke through my nose. I eventually found a sewing needle. My materials gathered, I shut myself in my room, facing my mirror. Now came the hard part. I found the spot I wanted it to be and I proceeded to insert the needle.

This part was the most painful thing I had done in my life up to this point. I decided then to just go as fast as I could, and half an hour later, I finally hada hole in my nose. After this I had to force the stud to go through my nose because I used a needle too small.

The day after I did it my mom found out and was telling me it would get infected and that I was stupid. Thankfully it didn’t get infected and I still love it as much as I did when I did it. The only thing I can really say from this experience is that yes, it was very stupid and childish. I would recommend not doing it yourself.

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