The Day I got my belly peirced

By Jordan from IL Photo on 2013-02-01 at 23.16 2_fbu

I got my belly button piercing because my bestfriend sent me a picture of bestfriend belly rings and I freak out..They are so cute, granted I don’t think she got her’s but you know that’s not a problem, Im happy that I got mine and I dont care if she got her’s or not, I mean I love her and all but hey…

I went to a place out by my school(Out on a Whim). I got my tounge pierced at this place as well so that is the reason I ended up going back because its a very small and nice place, not too many people running in and out, I mean I am in a small area so thats good..My peircer (KennyG.) was amazing like that first time, he told me about the process, should me that everything was prepacked so I didn’t have to worry about it being used on anybody else before or after me(eww)..

The process was very quick, I didnt even know he did it..I was just laying there talking to him and he the next thing I know he was lifting the chair back up, like it felt like a baby was pinching me, I wasn’t scared at all beause I felt worse pain than that..I have a tattoo so peircings dont really hurt me, lol. He used the proper things that he should have used..Showed and told me about everything that he was going to be using and why he needed to use those things.

He didn’t give me and booklet or hand out or anything like that but he told me what I needed to do to care for the peircing and how long it would take before it healed all the way and about the time when I could change it..But Im going to hold off on changing it until it is fully healed just to avoid anything bad from happening..My peircing is still in the healing process..I’ve been looking at a couple different place to buy rings, amazon, bodycandy ect. My healing process is going well, I havent had any problems with it nor have I felt much pain unless Im walking from class to class with my book bag /= but other then that I have a pretty good peircing and the process of getting it and the now is good.

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