the day i got my belly button pierced

By Donna from Wesley Chapel.
 the day i got my belly button pierced was when i was 18.

i decided to go to k and b and get it pierced. the place was amazing. the reason i decide to get the piercing was becasue i thought it would look hot with my body and it does.


the piercing studio was right by my house that how i also choose the place. the piercer was very sweet amd understanding that i was very exicted to get it done.

when i walked in i was kinda scared cuz i thought it was going to hurt but once he took me back my nerves were all comed down an then i got it pierced.

the piercer told well enought how to take care of my piercing and it helped alot it never even got invected. the pierrcing took all in all to heal about 3 months not long at all i was very suprised.

now i have many ring dangle non dangle reversabe crazy glow in the dark etc. i get them from all over the beach sores hot topic spencers every where all in nall i love my belly button piercing.

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