The birthday present

By Chasity from Irwin, U.S.A.


It all started one day when i was asked what i wanted for my 15th birthday… and my mom had been telling me i could not get any face or more ear piercings but i could get my belly button pierced. So my boyfriend decided if i would get it done he would pay for it. My mom said wanted it to be it done right so she wanted to go to a doctors office.

I was a little anxious about every thing but my mom called the doctors office the morning of the appointment and asked about it and the secretary said they give a shot to deadin it, and to take a benedryll to help my nerves. Well i took 2!! when i got to the doctors office there was this lady who had had her belly pierced 3 times, 2 by the doctor and said i wouldnt feel a thing.

Well finally my name was called to go to the back, i was a little nervous and a tad excited too.

The doctor was crazy and liked to joke around. he told me he could do it with his eyes closed but i told him i would pass on being the first, so while he was telling me that he give me a shot to numb the boyfriend recorded the whole piercing. the whole process was not so bad. then he gave me a paper with all the do’s and dont’s about my piercing. it has not been long since i had my piercing but i was told to wait 6 weeks before i change my belly jewelry. i was scared to get it done but once it was over i was proud to say i was brave enough 😀


  1. At the doctor’s? Never knew you could do that. You’re so luck you got a shot to numb it… I had to be brave enough to do it without that help 🙁

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