The Big Bellybutton Boom!

By Synryniti, Meriden

Belly Button Piercing

One day in school me and my best friend whose birthday is a week apart from mine and we decided that we wanted to get our belly buttons pierced.

For my birthday my mom was really hesistant about allowing me to get my belly button pierced but because my aunt had it done my mom, my aunt, my sister, my cousin all went to get my new piercing i was nervous and my mom only went to sign! 😉

My aunt has her belly button done so we went to the place where she went because of the fact that she liked that they sanitized everything in front of us and he was very nice he made sure to explain stuff and the way he had me positioned of the table with my arm across my shoulder i couldnt see the needle.

After the ring was in he told me how to clean it and that i had to keep up with it what i shouldnt use and not to listen to my other friends just use warm water and antibacterial liquid soap i did and it still looks great 4 weeks after i should be able to change it soon! 😉

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