Teenage Girls With Belly Button Rings

Common scenario; This girl is aged 14 and she really wants to get a belly ring because it’s cool, fashionable, many of her friends have it, and it just looks nice!

However, in many states the law says that before 18, children have to get their parents’ consent before getting a body piercing…

But think about this first – many people choose to PIERCE their children’s EARS while they’re still INFANTS!

Yes, it is nothing uncommon for a 6 month old infant to have their ears pierced – follow this link for more information about baby ear piercing.

And when a girl aged 14 decides to get her navel pierced…isn’t this decision by far more responsible if compared to one made by parents for their child who even can’t speak! Speak to tell them the piercing hurts, or feels sore? How can they know if an infection has started?

OK, Β some might say the navel is just the beginning. Then comes the rest of the body, then the girl will get tattoos, start doing drugs etc. etc. But this is rarely the case. It’s a common misconception that piercing are a sign of immaturity or rebellion.

But better we look at this problem from a different angle. The latest trends suggest that belly button piercing has gone mainstream and should not be considered as body modification along with monstrous stretched piercings or facial piercings. Belly rings have become fashion accessories like rings, necklaces, earrings etc.

Look at theseΒ celebrities with belly rings.

Read this about belly piercing going mainstream.

And what would you say about diamond belly rings? I think that the very existence of such high-end stuff clearly indicates that not only punks pierce their navels:-). Gem and Crystal Navel Rings are cute and feminine, and look great as a fashion accessory.

To recap all this I’d like to point out another worrying thing. When teenagers are not allowed to get that long wanted belly piercing they sometimes perform self navel piercing. And this is bad. There’s infections and other complications that can and more likely will occur if the piercing isn’t performed by a professional piercer in a studio.

Read this story about self-piercing.

Understand this – I’m not saying – let’s threaten your mom you’re gonna do the piercing yourself. All I’m saying is that although the parents might not completely like the idea of their 13 of 14 year old daughter having their navel pierced, it is worth having it done in a professional manner rather than put the child’s health at risk.

And think about the experience the parents can share with their girls going to the piercing studioread this piercing story!

Join others who have submitted their belly button piercing stories and got them set up on this belly rings guide!

Tell everyone about where and how you got pierced, how you treated your new piercing and where you shop for the belly button rings.

Sharing your experience is invaluable for those considering getting belly piercing and is also really interesting because every single one is unique!

Read and submit the navel piercing stories hereΒ and you will actually get a FREE belly ring!


  1. uggg I am 16 and I have been wanting a belly pieicing since I was 13, my parents told me if I got all A’s and B’s this year I could get one.. well lets step back.. first they said.. when I was 13 they would think about 14, then when I was 14 they told me I could get it when I was 15 but I had to get my real moms permission. well that didn’t happen.. then I turned 16 and my dad told me for sure 16! but guess what.. apparently they didn’t say that and im making things up.. so they gave me this goal.. I just moved to this new school which is 1000000 times harder than my old one.. in the beginning of the year I had a couple D’s C’S and B’s .. so they told me if I got those grades up to all A’s and B’s I could get one.. so I have been working my hardest all year.. and I had all A’s and B’s.. then last minute my teacher put in a bad grade so now I have barlllly two c’s.. and the rest are A’s and B’s.. so guess what that means?!? no belly ring.. Honestly I no I didn’t meet my goal.. but I think they are just looking for every reason possible for me not to get one.. and they are hoping I change my mind.. so now I have been looking for about an hour now for a bunch of different reasons to get one and I am putting them all thoughout the house.. heheh im determined πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ give me luck πŸ˜€

  2. Hey,
    I’m 16 now and ihave wanted a belly ring since 6th grade so like when iwas 11 and eveer since then ihave been begging my mom to let me get it done. And last year she finally said yes…. but thing is idont know when she’s know when she is gonna take me… hopefully next month πŸ˜€

  3. I’m 13 and don’t no how to persuade my mum and dad to let me get it done there really old fashioned and say I have to wait until 16 and don’t want to do it myself in case I mess it up any suggestions?? Xxxxx

  4. I had my belly button down when i was 15 an it was fab but I am a lot older now an took it out to have my son. It has closed up but not in the middle. Feels horrible an looks odd not having it done. Just would like to no if i can get it done again. Someone said if it closes then u cant. Is that true? Really miss having it done an it looks horible now. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks! Jem. πŸ™‚ x

    1. I was 18 when I got mine and it got infected so I took it out, let it heal, and re-pierced it. Then 4 years later I had my now 17 yr old daughter. 20 months later had my son. Each time I took it out at 18 then re- pierced. took it out while I was prego with my first and re-pierced. Prego with my son took it out, then re-pierced. It still looks great. No issues…good luck and go for it!

  5. im 13 and my mom wont let me get my belly button done how do i convience her to let me get it done any ideals

    comment and let me know

  6. I think all parents should let their kids get a belly button piercing! This is my only piercing I would have is my belly, it’s just like all the other piercings but these u can cover up! I’m happy my mom just said yes to me like there was no problem πŸ™‚ I’m not a tramp or slut or anything I want this for me, I think it will look great on me an all my friends will love it! πŸ™‚ for girls that need help asking there moms just say I’m responsible enought to handle this! This is my body I should b able to do what I want to it! And say like u never wanted ur belly done when u were my age? Or like u never had ur belly done when u were my age! Say there is much more worse things I could do like drugs or get a tattoo or anything but I only want one THIG which is my belly pierced πŸ™‚ hope that helped bye πŸ™‚

  7. So, I’m 12 going on 13 in two months! I’ve been asking my mom to get my belly done forever! I said hey mom I want a puppy! She said no those cost to much so I said fine I want my belly done and she said okay idc! Haha I can’t believe she actually doesn’t care? I’m soooooo excited and nervous! I’m going with my cousin were getting them done at the same time! It feels like a big pinch people say! I think I’m going in 2 days but I’m not sure! Well I can’t wait, please wish me luck! She said I could get my nose done to but I only want my belly! πŸ™‚

  8. I’m 13 and I got mine done in feb.but my dAd doesn’t kno so I have to keep it a secret and its not bad some people think it is but it’s not kids Want it becuz it’s cute((:

  9. my mom and dad said no the first time i asked.i asked agin a mouth later and my mom said yes so we when to see if i could get it done and they said i had to i have to wait 2 mounths and then i canget it done
    does it hurt

  10. im 12 turning 13 next month and i want my belly button pierce, my mom didnt even let me say a word after belly button poerce , she was like NO! dont ask again, i havn’t even talked to my dad yet, HELP! any ideas to convince them, does it hurt, and wheres a good place to get one?!?!!! email me!!

  11. Well im 12 years old and i was supposed to get my tongue pierced yesterday but they said i was too young and the law says you have to wait til your thirteen

  12. hey kids, i was 15 when i got my belly peirced, i asked mum if i could get it done and she said yes on your 16 or 17 birthday, one day mum and i were in the car and i askd her if i could get it done for my 15 birthday, she said yes just dont tell day, one day mum picked me up from school and we went into town to get it done i was so worryed cos i didnt want to cry, after i got it done i though that was not bad, all my frineds have theres done and they love the look on me, i feel so difrent and i would not change it for the world, when you get it done it happens so fast and it only feels like someone pinched you, the paine does straght away you will love it im a big sook and i didnt even cry, good luck with alll you girls that wanna get it done, you will love it and i think that was the best birthday present i have ever got from my mum nock them dead girls you will love it πŸ™‚ xx

  13. I’m 12 and have my belly done all most over 6 mouths now and I have my nose done I got that over 2 years ago. You do the math. When I first asked my mom if I could get my belly done she said yes it’s up to ur dad..so then I asked my dad and he said no….then a week later I showed him a pic of what it would look like,how I would clean it,change the ring after it heeled and them the said my favorite the letter word…YES.(: I got it done a week later,after about 2 weeks a was looking at it and I see a bump on the top,and think it’s nothing and I just blow if off like it’s nothing and don’t show my mom. Then about a moth later I show her it an she though is was infected….so a few weeks later I when to the guy that pierced my belly and nose to change my ring and when we got there and he looked at it and said to me that I’m more than likely have a nickel allergy. So 2 mouths later we are on our way to my twin sisters football game (yeah I said it TWIN SISTER! Girls can play a male sport!) and on the way there we pass a tattoo shop called 717 tattoo on Jonestown Road in PA. Im a friend of there’s on Facebook (and u should be to) be for I went in the shop. They have a HUGE selection of body jewelry from eye brow rings to hood piercing rings. I was told by my piercer to get a titanium ring and the bump should go way and I did and now it looks so sexy and normal(: that’s my story what yours?

    Good luck to all of u guys/gals(:

    And if u mom,dad,gram,pap,aunt or who every u live with won’t let u get a belly piercing don’t keep asking every day Because ur making ur self look like a kid and ur chances of getting ur belly pierced are every slim to none if u keep asking!

    Xoxo, Sierra s

  14. I’m 17 and I’ve been wanting a navel piercing for over a year now. My dad says I can get one but my mom says no. I don’t think it’s a big deal. No one is going to see it until I go swimming im the summer. I know how to cate for it and I can pay for it myself. It’s not like i’m asking for a million piercings or tatoos. That’s just not me. All I want is this one navel piercing. My mom doesn’t even have.a reason for saying no other than “because”. She doesn’t even say “because I said so”. She says I have to wait until i’m 19.

  15. I’m 15 years old and have ALWAYS wanted a belly button ring my parents won’t let me get one and I’m not ablout to w8 3 more years :/ I mean (really now) I was wondering would they allow me to go with my older brother who is 19???

    Please do reply!

  16. Well about Β£30 or $40-50 hope that helped and I’m getting mine done at Xmas and I’m 12 and my mum is fine with it so it’s all good

  17. Im 15 an i want to get mine pierced but my parents dont like the idea i already have rings !! im goin to have to try my best to talk them into it or just wait till im 18.. how much does it cost at a good place?

  18. Years ago (not entirely sure about now), my mum WANTED me to get my belly pierced. Not that she was forcing me, but she said, “Rena, when you’re older, you should get a belly ring. It’d really look good on you!”

    I think I was.. eleven at the time? Now that I’m fifteen, I’m kinda considering it. But I would NEVER go behind my parent’s backs like that. I guess that’s just me.. I’m not exactly ‘rebellious’.

  19. I’m 13, 14 in December, starting highschool this year, and I was always interested in belly piercings. I wanted to get it done at 14, I think since I was 11. Every time I bring up the subject with my parents they always say no. My mother was skeptical at first, but then she said yes, as long as I waited until I was 16. But obviously being in the family I was, I also had to get approval from my father. I tried formally bringing up the matter a couple times but he would just say no and try to change the subject. Whenever I asked him why he says no, he would say “because I don’t like it.” or “because I said so.”
    I have a feeling he’s trying to say he thinks I’m just getting it because I want to show people and attract boys, then get into bad relationships, drugs, and so on, but actually I believe there in no point in getting a piercing if it’s not for yourself. I’m getting it because I know it would look good on my body type and I think it would compliment my belly. My mother even agreed saying it would look good.
    I have always been a good child, getting good grades, dressing modestly, etc. but for some reason my father thinks this piercing is the beginning to a whole new person. I mean, eventually I’m going to get it done at 16 as this is the legal age in my country, I can promise you that. I just want both of my parents approval.
    I know the risks, all the cleaning procedures, variations of pain, etc. and I personally think I would be ready for it if I got the chance tomorrow.
    Also, I think telling your kids something like what my father told me is just an invitation to infect their navel by doing it themselves.
    I think it all depends on the child themselves. If they dress appropriately, act responsibly, and aren’t getting it to follow the crowd, I would say 14 is the perfect age for a navel piercing.

    Sorry for such a long post, I have strong feelings as a 13 year old who feels she should be allowed to get this piercing.

  20. Well I had ask to get mine done when I was 15 and both my parents said no but they agreed that I could have a tattoo it was dumb but I’m going t o be 18 soon and I asked my mom if I could get it done for an early birthday present so I’m getting it done in august.. And I’ve heard it doesn’t hurt so I’m excited!!

  21. Hey it’s Sierra,just got home from getting my belly done and le me tell u im in love with it!!!!! He put a hoop in it an I LOVE it!!!

  22. I’m getting mine tomorrow (June 28 2011)!!! I Can’t Beleve how many of you peoples parents will not let u get in done…I think it’s funny how ur parents think it’s slutty,trashy, & how they don’t trust u. I think if they don’t let u get it doe do it ur self,go buy a ring/rings at Walmart,buy the needles on line or a Cow needle,the disenfectent,the gloves, & peires the dang thing!!!!!!

  23. Im 14 and I’m getting it done. Yea my mom is worried I’m still growing so I guess I could get it checked out. I think it’s rediculous that all these people are saying that at 14 your not ready to get one because your not responsible ? Like no that’s not it at all I’m a sophomore on high school and I’m pretty sure Ik what I’m doing, were not dumb? Lol (: <3

  24. I’m 16 going on to 17 next month && I have myy navel pierced . Myy parents do NOT approve yet I did it myself .. thee part about shouldn’t do it yourself is kind of BS .. ALL in myy opinion .. Like I said I did myself && it did not get infected .. I got it done almost two years ago .. If you know how to clean thee piercing .. have a sterilized needle && a sterilized ring you’ll bee completely fine && your in a clean place it’ll bee fine .. But like I said that’s myy opinion ..

  25. i am geting mine done on the 27th my mom said yes but my dad said noe but my dad wont find out yayayay im so freakin excited

  26. i’m 14 and i got mine done the other week. My mum just said, its my body and i can do what i like with it. I went to a really good studio as well and every one there was really nice.

    And trust me, It DOES NOT hurt! i was really worried it would but tbh, its no worse than a little pinch.

    I got a green bar… its pretty cool :’)

  27. i think that piercings is cool!!!!!!! my momy them hate every one of my piercings but i feel that eveyone of my piercings tell a story……..ive got my nose, tongue and eye piercings and is very proud of it, ohja and two bellyrings, so gals go 4 it, but u have to be responsible mwah

  28. i got mine done yesterday, & the worst part about it was after you get it done, cause its realy sore. You just gotta remember to keep it clean. Oh yeah and im only 13, and i dont deal with pain good at all, and it didnt hurt me at all! Its really not as big as deal as people like to make it to be. But i wouldnt get it at 13 unless you look older cause everyone thinks im like 16. So yeah, if your going to get it just remember to keep it clean


  30. Hiyaa,
    I’m milly and i’m 12 years old. I have been begging my mum for a belly button piercing for ages, she’s finally given in and made me promise that as long as i don’t make a fuss about it hurting she’ll let me have it done. So wish me look because tomorrow i am getting my belly button pierced. I am sooo excited, but also very nervous πŸ™‚ hope it all goes well πŸ˜€ xxx

  31. Well I’m now 15 and my mom said I could get my bellybutton pierced, but my dad won’t let me!! He says,”No 15 year old daughter of his is getting anything pierced at all!” That is so stupid! He told me it will led to a pregnancy, guys look at me anyways so why does it matter?! I have clothes on most the time anyways except for when I go swimming. I got my ears pierced when I was 6 months old, but now I can’t get my bellybutton pierced bc he said it will attract more guy’s attention. My father is so stupid sometimes, he doesn’t understand anything.. But I’ll get it pierced, I promise.

  32. Well im 12 and i got my navel done, it doesnt even hurt, i went with my mum and my 11 year old friend and me and my 11 year old friend got it done, its not so bad and we only show our friends (:

  33. Hey Im Taylor, and Im 16 almost 17 in may, and im getting my navel pierced this saturday, but Im so nervous, but also excited! πŸ˜€ Im still going to get it done, and over with because I`ve been wanting it for a while now, few months, and even when I was 13 I was considering it, but now Im possitively going to get it done, my awsome Dad said yes! He always does anyway..It`s not like im gonna change from one piercing and show off, and start doing bad things. That`s just not me at all, Im kind of a goodie good. Hehe! It`s weird though because it`s the 1st thing different compared to my twin sister now. πŸ™‚ Im also afraid of how awkward it will be in front of a stranger to show off your stomach, but `A girls got to do what a girls got to do`. I know I will love my navel piering once it`s all done and healed looking glamorous! Jeeze life story here. Bye!

  34. The belly button is an erogenous zone; why would we want to decorate and draw attention to that area on a MINOR? Doing so is suggestive and introduces the possibility of other topics that MINORS are not emotionally ready for.

    KIDS are growing up faster than they need to; they’ll be adults before too long and once youth is gone, it’s gone.

    Seems like a lot of parents make poor decisions because they want to be cool and liked by their kids; remember… we’re raising people not BFFs!

      1. I disagree. Depends on how mature your child is how much you and your teen trust each other. Of you don’t trust your teen that they want it b/c all there friends have one, or they think it would look great. If there is unfeeling reasons it says a lot about your parenting or that you are just super over protective. My almost 18 year old wants one, I say yes. Dad says no. He is super over protective and a CO at a state prison. She has a car, pays her own car insurance with a job of course. Is a cheer leader on the JV team, goes to baby sit in a town an hour away by herself with 2 kids between the ages of 6-8. Gets good grades. Has a A hour goes home to snack, does hmwk, has to be back at the school about 2 hours after she gets home for cheer and gymnastic practice, vounteers at a farm for her FFA class, …ya so a teeny hole in her navel NO BIG DEAL. SHE DESERVES IT..I would not let her before she was 16.

  35. Ok so I’m 12 & I have my nose done but I what to get my belley done & my mom say whut ever and my dad says mady but if I whant to get it done I have to pay for it my self eney Ideas how to get money fast… & on a scall of 1 to 10 how bad dose it hurt & whut kinde of belly ring should I get…???

  36. This is the article that convinced my mom finally! I have been askng since i was 10, now i’m 12, and I’m getting it done ond Saturaday!! πŸ˜€ I’m so excited!

  37. i got my belly pierced when i was 10 and nobody told me i couldn’t……….i showed everyone even teachers they didnt do anything………..now i am 14 and still have mine done…….i think if you want to then do it it is just going to be your problem……but not for me and i also think that ppl should be careful to what they do with their body bc not all piercings are good for you some are very bad………but not for me lol SEE YA πŸ™‚ and try not to get introuble if your parents dont know about it ok lol…..cio thats italian for hi and bye.

  38. i dont think it’s fair bc i am 13 and i have my belly pierced.my mom didnt do anything and the school didnt do anything.why would someone go through something like this and get introuble even though the person that said it’s ok to do that.i mean really ppl get over 13+ getting pierecings!!!!

  39. i am 12 years old and i wanted to get my belly button pierced for my birthday and my parents let me. so i have it done now….. why do all your parents not let you…? its your body… so what happens… happens to you!! thats what i got told…..! πŸ˜›

  40. im 17 jst had my belly ring done last week,with out my mom knowing,and i plan to have one in private [cl**]hope my mom never finds out.been told it turns u on!
    any one know of such things,when a guy does his thing

  41. im 15 and i have mine done i got mine done when i was 11 and thats cuz my cousin is a professional body piercer and i asked him to do it for me, he did.

  42. I’m 12, I have mine done πŸ˜€
    I’m not a slut, i’m old enough to make my own desions
    && I’m mature && responsible .so if ur 12+ I’d say go for it !
    Sorry girlzz on here who’s parents say no,
    my mom has hers done so she’d be a hypocrite saying no to me
    she got hers done at 10 1/2 thoughh .
    Anyways, good luck gurlzz xD iloveyouu && take care
    yeaah, bye .

  43. I am 13 and i had mine done 4 days ago. It didnt hurt as bad as I thought it would it doesnt really hurt until it goes through the other side of the it. Then my dad wasnt wanting me to get it done but my mom said i could so I did while I had the chance too. Its worth it in the end though and I would recomend the bar bell instead of the ring because it hurts less and in some places it is cheaper too, but always make sure u get it done in a clean place and done by some one who has a card and stuff to prove it.

  44. hey girls i got my belly button pierced and im 15 and my mum and dad didnt mind but i got this green thing and its getting bigger and BIGGER, im c ing my doctor about it, it touches my boobs

  45. Im 14 and im getting my belly button ring next week!
    And im not to young i can make my own decisions & im responsible! πŸ™‚
    It’s just a ring!

  46. hi im 13, 14 next year and i’ve wanted my belly done for sooo long but my idiot of a dad wont let me because he thinks its stupid and keeps saying that theres laws for a reason but he breaks laws like speeding and when i was a baby he got my ears done so why shouldn’t he let me get it done? he just can’t face the fact that i want to grow up. and i know that i’m never goin to grow anymore cos im tallest in my year and im much taller than both my parents so i think i should get it done. every single one of my frends has it done and my cousin just got it done so we’re trying to convince my dad to get me it but he’s not having any of it:(:P

  47. i really want my belly button pearced but i have a horse and do riding every day.. will it get caught,
    also i am quite small so i dont want it to go bad :s
    does it hurt and how long do you have to keep an eye on it for??

    my mum and dadd say i can not get it done but hay im 14 i am aloud to know what i want on my body so i am getting my sisters friend to take me to get it done. il show my mum and dad a few months after but i am going on holliday soon – if i get it done will i stillbe aloud to go in the water?

  48. Yes I think that it’s too young for 11& 12 years of age girls to have their bellys peirced and so 13&14&15&16 are the ages where everything starts to change and us girls just wanna feel cool and good about them selfs and if they get it peirced and something goes wrong main point is a learning experience for them and their just going to keep bugging u until u crack and we all u moms today probley did the same and went behind their mothers backs or nages them for something like this so I say do it

  49. u girls are to yung to have yr belly done you should be 14 i was 14 last year im 15 this year its just sluty if yr yunger

  50. what the hell if you do not show your piercing thats just gay and aparontly its sluty to have it done but ive got myne done xlol

  51. honestly, i can’t believe what i am reading on this page. you girls are too young to be getting your belly button pierced. big deal if you have your ears pierced, thats nothing like a naval piercing. your parents tell you no, because you are TOO YOUNG. the age is 18 for a reason, as someone said before me. you should at least be in the middle of your junior year, or your senior year of high school before even considering getting your belly button pierced. you should be old enough to have a job and be able to pay for it yourself. also old enough to make your own decisions, which you are definately not at 12-15 years old. you shouldnt have to “beg” or “convince” your parent or guardian to take you to get this done. you should either be old enough to go by yourself, or close to 18.

  52. I got mine done about 4 months ago. i am 18 years old, and i think that when you’re 13 or 14, you’re way to young to have a belly button piercing. 16 is a reasonalbe age to consider getting it done. for all you girls out there who are 11-16, just wait. you should’nt be flaunting your stomach when you’re that young anyway, except for in a bathing suit. but even then, you’re still a young girl. you have to learn to be patient and responsible to take care of it properly. it takes a lot of work to keep up with cleaning it. and you aren’t able to change it whenever you want. you have to wait at least 9 months before you can change it. my advice: wait until you’re older.

  53. To Sally: im 14 & i want mines done buh im not allowed i atleast think yhu should bhe 15 not 11,12,13,14(maybe)& no lower
    dont give in to yhur daughter she’s actin spoiled she either want it 4 attention,frens have it,or 2 bhe dha 1st person to have @ her age in her school:)

  54. hi to everyone looking up this site. i am not a teenager, i am a mother of a teenager who wants to get her belly pierced. I myself had my belly pierced when i was younger. though i was 17. my daughter is only 13 (just) and thinks that her dad and myself are ruining her life because we have told her that she must wait until she is 15. We still think that 15 is pretty young for something so permanent, but told her that she needs to start showing more responsibility before we will consider her getting it done. does anyone think that 11, 12 and 13 years of age is too young for something so drastic to such young bodies??? considering that the female body doesnt stop growing until your 20’s ! and what it looks like if it does get rejected!! i do agree it looks beautiful when its done, but the scars from some outcomes are hidious… and the scars dont get rejected, they stay forever, so to all the young teenagers out there, yes it hurts, yes its beautiful, but whats the rush. if its so cool and you want it so badly and you dont plan on flashing it off to everyone, then whats the harm in waiting a little bit longer.

  55. Hey im 12 and going to San Diego next month, unfortunatly I can’t get mine done until after I get back or I wouldn’t be able to swim, anyways I’m counting down the days πŸ™‚ I’m piercing mine myself because in Tucson,AZ u have to be at least 14 even with a guardian, but I’m using all professional sterile equipment I even have the clamp and hollow 14 g needle πŸ™‚ also my parents are perfectly fine with it. Well I was just wondering how much it hurt and how long the pain last when you actually pierce it email me with a response at lrod101997@gmail.com

  56. I have my belly button pierced, I’m only 13.
    I have 4 on each ear, my nose, my belly and soon my tongue and hopefully my lip. x
    Honestly, belly button piercing don’t hurt, it does now.
    When the man was cleaning around the area, that was the only thing that hurt.
    I’ve had it done around a month, I really want to change it but I can’t, πŸ˜€
    Only 3 girls in my year have it done. x
    It’s really red and sore now, probably infected. I went on hiliday and caught it many times, I was having so much fun I thought one day without cleaning it would be fine, Guess not.
    It’s getting better, but the boys in school keep punching it, Tards.
    I’ve used Savlon but it turns out I’m ellergic to it, nice.
    My friends bump into it alot, OUCH!
    But it’s ok and it’s really cool, I recommend getting it done, it doesn’t hurt. xxxx

  57. hi im 12 and i got my belly button pieced about 3months ago and my mum said aslong as i didnt scream then i could have it done a few weeks later my dad seen it and he was ok about it even tho. he said i wasnt aloud it done …….it didnt hurt and i have changed my bar afew times but for about a month if anyone touch’s it ,it hurts like when i first got it done my friends didnt know and he bumped into me in school and it really hurt and started bleeding but only abit and when you have it done you have to buy a specail kinda spray called savlon and apply it morning and night and btw.try not to lie on it for the first month or so as it will hurt πŸ™‚ let me know if you get it done and if it hurts x

  58. Hi. I am Anney. I totally agree about the piercing. I was the same I begged my mum to let me get it done, but she said if you ask your dad he’ll say the same thing “NO”.
    When my dad left to go on his holiday I asked my mum when will I ever get it done and she said she doesnt know maybe when I am 18 or something. She said what would happen if your dad found out and I said exactly the same thing “its not like I am going to walk around the house with my top up” ( we’re so alike). on the next day my mum let me do it caus i begged her till i got on her nerves so now i hav one done and its not sore at all, except you kinda get borred with the same ring all the time but i had guts today to change the ring.It was okey.!!! wish you luck.Anney

  59. hey. im ashlyn..nd im 13 years old! iv wanted one since i was 12. my mom said no!!! but i dont see a big deal with getting it pierced. its not like im gunna be lifting my shirt up and showing everybody. the only place were i will be showing it is at the pool. i have my ears pierced. i really need some help on convincing my mom to letting me get it done!! theres alot of kids who get theirs done at 11!! i just want it for me and not to just show it off. im not a tramp or anything like that. i just want one for my self. i hav been thinkin and maybe i could do a presentation and they could see how mature i am…anyways im also thinking about askin my uncle or my aunt and see what they think about it. so email me if you have any advise…ashmr97@yahoo.com. thanks:)!!

  60. i want a belly button piercing so bad but my mom says im too young lol im twelve which is not to young cuz i already have two piercings on both ears o anyways i think im gonna get it done in the winter when im fouteen with my grandma or something cuz she doesnt care. email if you have any advice on convincing my mom


  62. Im 14,and i wanna get my belly-botton pierced.i think dat it doesn’t matters because being 14 doesn’t means that your little,and besides everyone has it and it looks cute lOl.I wanna get mines,this month im convincing my parents.My dad said YES but my mom told me that by the end of this month (when school is over) shes gonna let me ((: Im reeally exited because i have seen 3 bellys get pierced already and im kinda nerveous.Even though my 3 bestfriends saiys dat it dosent hurts i think it is.. so im curious and nervous and i hope it dosent hurts dat much lmao.
    Well this is my opinion and a lil bit about what i wanna do lol. And of-course after i get my piercing im gonna upload a pic and write the story and how everything when, i hope that everything gonna be alright. Im ouut Girls. and good luck convincing your parents.. (: muuuawhsssss . lEYdi < 3333333333333

  63. hey my name is kate , i just got my belly button done on may 4th 2010 , im only 14 young right ? well my mom was tottaly not down with this idea she thought it was trashy and had no meaning and thought id walk around with my shirt up , well i finally talked her into it , i think teenage girls shoudlbe aloud to do this . just to worn you it does hurt . not really bad where your going to cry but like a little more then a needle . well good luck !

  64. My opinion is this; if you are unable to convey a proper sentence while spelling the words ‘the’, ‘my’, ‘they’, ‘that’ and many other simple english words you are also incapable of being mature enough for a navel piercing. You should be more concerned with your 8th grade english classes vs. a piercing. Further more, there is a reason why studios only allow those 18 or older get pierced without parental consent. Reason being, a majority of ‘kids’ are not mature enough to properly take care of a piercing. That said, there of course are plenty of ‘adults’ who are incapable of being mature enough also.

  65. Hey Guys!!:)
    I just turned 14 on April 6th! my mom is letting my either get my Nose or My Belly Done!!:D I am choosing belly–> Its getting done on Saturday ive been hearing SOOO Many different things about the pain…
    im a big puss and i cant stand pain ..but it wont hurt that bad. i cant wait….
    i hope the place lets me get it done i will really madd:D

  66. Hey, i’m 15 and i’m gettin’ my belly button done soon, your parents should let u, its what you want, u only live once πŸ™‚ , ive been told the only thing that hurts is the clamps , so it wont be bad, but everyone is different πŸ™‚ x

  67. Ok so im 12 and my mom said that i can get my belly button pierced on my 13th birthday in december… but in 3 months im going to florida for a week and staying on the beach. But it looks like it doesnt hurt that bad… and ive heard it doesnt!! and im really good with pain! it doesnt bother me! but im still worried because i have pierced my belly button by myself once and im afraid they are going to notice and tell my mom! But is it worth getting my belly pierced?

  68. I’m 14 years-of-age and I got my belly done three days ago. I found a place where you don’t need parental consent. I told dad that night, and Mum the next day. They weren’t too happy, but it’s done now! I definitely reccomend getting it done. It doesn’t hurt a lot, and looks GREAT.

  69. well im 14 bout to turn 15in 4 mnths an
    d i asked my mom if i could gt my bell pierce done n she said NOO n i asked my aunt n gma n tey both said no bt i think ima wait n ill do it some weekd before i tur 15 so it can be ready to go to the beach & im nt a whore or tramp i jst really want it done.

  70. i got my belly buttion periced 1 year ago and i am the only girl in my school with it done but it was the best thing ive done its really pretty but every one should wait till there at least 14 or 15 because your body does grow but i really wanted it so i got it and it hurts but like a lil pinch and u can get the cutest rings for them and it is grate for the summer but i could of got it sooner i would of i got it done in the summer but if u are going to get done get it a fue mouths befor u can go swimming

  71. im 12 an i wan tto get my belly button peirced but my grandma said its up to my aunt and i was txting my aunt and she said i am dreaming if i think im going to get it done she said mb when im in high school. im in 6th grade right now and i should be in 7th im turning 13 in agust what should i do? mb beg my grandma
    ??????????????????????????? HELP ME

  72. im twelve. i got mine done yesterday. IT DOESNT HURT AT ALL! on a scale from one to ten, i say about a four. you have nothing to worry about. its a little pinch and its over in a minute. you’ll be finne(:

  73. okkk im 12 goin on 13 and i need to know if it hurts cuuuzzz ive heard tht it hurts soooo bad and then again i heard it doesnt hurt soo like on a scale of 1 to 10 10 being the worst how bad?!

  74. hey jenny i will pierce my button too,
    i just can tell you dat
    some needles have a hole in there(dont know how i should say it in english ^^)
    in german is that a “kanΓΌle”,and your piercing will be commen throu that
    i hope you understand

  75. I really want my belly button done! but my mom and dad say no… im 15. i think if i beg enough i can get it done…. but im scared really scared of needles. so i just wanna kno how big is the needle… and how much it hurts while your getting it down and after…

  76. Hello I am 13 years old and i got my belly peirced it doesnt hurt a bit. my ears actually hurt loads more πŸ™‚ i was soo woried but i just went and got it done on sat.

  77. Heyy , i’m 13 i’ll be 14 in March , and i;ve always wanted my belly done ever since i seen my moms , i just dont want it to hurt ? all of my friends have theirs done , an they said it didnt , but my mom said she’ll take me whenever i wanna go * But i need advice ?

    – Mahaylie :]

  78. Hey guys. I’m 13 (14 in January! =) and I’ve wanted my belly button pierced ever since I was about 11. I’m not a whore or a tramp, and I only want it for me. Plus, it’ll make my six pack girlie abbs look wayy cute. =) I’ve never bothered going to my parents about it, but my auntie has hers pierced, and she’s all for it. So Im gonna pierce it myself (sterilized piercing equip, people!) and I’m sooo excited! I know it wot hurt, cuz my best friends gonna be there to make sure i don’t pass out (I have a cardiac pacemaker that was implanted in July of ’08 becuz I went into cardiac arrest a couple times πŸ™ no lie. I have the scar to prove it. =) anyways, I’ll be sure to let you all know how it works out!! Wish me luck! Besides, if I’ve survived cardiac arrest a few times, I’ll surely live through this. XD so bye guys!!! *PRIDE is PAINLESS*

  79. look am 11 am turning 12 in may 18 i really want my belly pierced but my belly is not extremely popped out but it just a little popped out ad i want it my mom agrees with it but i dont knowif it will hurt more or if the piercer wont do it plese help!!!!!!!!!!! contact me at jennipinedo_18@hotmail.com plis help urgent

  80. hii i just turned 13 and i really wanna get my belly donee i thinkk its cutee but my parents want me to wait till im 18 but they really need to relize that i dont want to turn out how they want me to be i wanna be me and i need somebodyy to perice it for me any oneee if you read this pleasee write me. ill pay moneyy uhmm hit me up on myspace email:kasey_hstr@yahoo.com

  81. Well I am 13 and my mom just rndomly said me and you will go get it done but my dad is worried that I will lift up my shirt to show everyone. And i wont i am not a tramp

  82. Well i think all parents should say yes to belly buttin rings i am 13 years young and my mom and dad would not let me get a piercing fer anyting in dah world but i really wanted one i really did so i got my big sister to take me to get it done it wassent expensive or anythin and it did not hurt al all it was just a little pinch i was nervouse tough but it was nothin it dosent get infected just dont clean it with alchohas clean it with newsporn it works out and it dosnet get infected you will get used to it i got used to mine so after a while not that long i told my mom she sint trip that much she wasent mad or anythin aeverything is fine just my dad hasent found out yay i dont think he will soh im okay i think all parents shold say yes bcuz if not youngsters are ganna do things behind there back like i did lol but yahh belly buttin piercins are kool noe i want my lip pierced but i cant get it it sukx but i will sometime lol. ahh

  83. I really really badly want it dont! my birthdays in 40 days but i want it 1 week be4 my b’day. im turning 14! im dreading asking my parents. like the first time. i just dont know what to say, any help? what would you say? and also im trying to loose weight, if i continue loosing weight after the belly ring is it bad? please let me know asap. preferably by email but whichever!!!

  84. i am 11 goin on 12 and my mom finnaly agrred 2 let me get my NAVEL piecered and i am nervous would some1 tell me or email me plz

  85. Heey,
    I’m 15 and i’ve wanted to get my belly button pierced for a while now… i just wanted to know from people if it hurts and if it bleeds alot? I mean i will still get it done i just want to be prepared first. Any help would be great πŸ˜›

  86. i pierced myselff last thursday, & that day it didnt hurt in the night, but i ussully touch it when im shower, & it hurts after.. u have to be careful with that, today, i was taking a shower & i accidentally rub it with a sponge, it started to bleed, & i though it would heal, but now i have a big green thing on my belly, all nasty & its starting to grow, omfg, tomorrow im gonna see doctor, omg, its getting bgger
    halp, halp

    lmao, i swear its big, green, nasty, & its all wetty, plus it smells awful
    anyone knows what can be?

    i kno its an infection but..

    im affraid that like this thing is too big now, its starting to get into my pants, my flesh is all black around the navel, & isnt smelling soo good?

    any ideas?

  87. I’ve wanted something pierced for the longest time. I only have my earlobes pierced, and my parents are very much against tattoos/piercings. I think they’re a beautiful form of expression, though. I want to start out small and get a belly button ring, because they’re covered up with a shirt most of the year. The only time anyone else sees it is pretty much when you’re swimming. I’m 12 years old and I truly want to get it done. I’m thinking of putting together a presentation so my parents realize I’m mature and take me more seriously about wanting to get this done.

  88. well im 14 and i wanna get a belly ring but every piercing place i call too get i done says i cant get it at all you have too be 15 but they wont even let me even thought my mom said i could it makes no sense and im pretty pissed about it :/

  89. my name is quintina hill i got 6 hole in my ears 5 new more hole too am thinking about getting mind done ove the summer time my new belly ring done do it hurt

  90. i think im getting mine done today
    but im only 5ft
    … im kinda worried it will migrate
    oh well if it does ill do it again! πŸ™‚

  91. People should be allowed to make decisions like this when they are allowed to make other body-altering decisions like costmetic surgery. The age is up for debate but the concept is similar.

  92. lol … im 18 i just got mine done and honestly yea the parents do need to consent for minors like okay an infant gets their ears done but they have the parental concent by letting just any old kid get stuff done it opens the piercers up to lawsuits like crazy it take out alot of safe gaurds such as the openness that would allow the 14 year old to get it check out by a doctor and at the age of 14 your to impulsive and underdeveloped to make that kinda decision by yourslf.
    thats just my opinion

  93. im 14 almost 15 n i wana get my bellie button peirced but i wana no if it hurts? i gauged my ears n it didnt hurt too bad but how bad is the bellie button????
    n how old do u gotta be πŸ™‚

  94. heyyyy! im 13 and i wil b 14 n august. I RLY want a belly ring…but my mom sed hush an stop beggin cuz she aint even considerin it until im 14. im NOT sleazy or a tramp either πŸ™‚ i simply want one JUS for myself cuz i think there cute to have, NOT to show it off or for attention. since im prly not dun growing yet, im SCARED dat it mite migrate or reject itself

  95. Heyyy.. im 13 and my parents let me have it done already.they said as long as im not being like a major drama queen when i get it periced it was okay. so they let me!!!!

  96. hey im 15..i think all parents should say yes to getting your belly button pierced its like any other piercing but its COVERED up with your shirt the only time somebody should see it if your swimming

  97. helloo… i’m 14

    my mum and dad dunt mind that i have mine done i have had mine done nearly 3 years and i have had my tounge done ive had my tounge done bout 6 months but it really heart but trust me your belly dunt hurt …x


  98. my mum don’t mind the idea of me having my belly button done but ma pa really don’t like the idea!!!! Oh well I’m 13 i only need 1 parents permission and it doesn’t have to be MY parents does it!!!!! LOl they can’t stop me!

  99. Well i’m 17….
    And i wanted to get a belly ring for the longest(for about a year) and i think that 16 or 17 is a reasonable age to do that. But younger than that is Not a smart idea. Because 14 year olds are still growing….
    So i think it is better to wait at least when you are 16. If you want to get your belly pierced so badly just get your cartilage pierced again it helps with the anxiety.
    And im getting my belly pierced NEXT WEEK! So excited!

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