Waiting for 4 Years to Get Belly Piercing Done!

I have always wanted my belly button pierced since I was 14 because I thought it was cute. So I asked my mom and she said no not until I was 18. I waited 4 years later when I turned 18 on December 26th but couldn’t get it pierced on my birthday because I came on my period. So on December 30, 2014 was the day I decided to get my belly button pierced.

I was 18 so I didn’t need my mom’s permission to get my belly pierced. Me and my bestie went to a tattoo shop called Little Smitty’s located in Blue Island. I read some great reviews and I know a few people that got piercings and tattoos so I knew I was in good hands. My best friend was trying to calm me down because I was so scared. I had watched a lot of belly piercing videos a week or so before so I was extremely nervous! 😉

My hands were freezing cold when I entered the tattoo shop. I approached the desk with my best friend Reneeta and there was an older guy with full sleeve tattoos on both arms behind the desk. It will be an hour wait the guy behind the desk told me we have to sterilize the equipment.

So I waited my friend cracked jokes like you still have time to run away – I didn’t when I got mines done! I was so nervous that I was thinking about taking her up on her offer. That’s when I thought about how much I wanted and sacrificed to get this and I wasn’t just going to wimp out that quickly. So I sat there until the material was done being sterilized.

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