Almost Passed Out During Belly Button Piercing!

Almost passed out during belly button piercing


I never really craved a belly button piercing from a young age. It wasn’t until I was 21 and working in the ER that I decided I wanted a piercing. A weird place to have a revelation huh?

I saw this one 40-ish-year-old lady in the ER who was dressed as Cleopatra… It was Halloween by the way. While checking her for injuries I noticed she had an amazing looking belly button ring and apparently had kept it in all this time. For some reason that experience made me want to get one. I did tons of research and waited a few weeks before getting one to decide if I really wanted to embark on this journey. After looking at tons of cute pictures of girls with belly button piercings online and reading up about the care and healing process I decided I was ready!

So during a school break I decided to visit my boyfriend in Florida and I told him about my “surprise.” He thought it was cool and sexy that I wanted to get it done so a couple days later we went to a Tattoo shop that he trusted because he got a tattoo from there in the past.

I was nervous as heck when I got there! I started thinking I don’t know if I want to do this. This is a mistake! But I signed the paper work and the piercer took me back to his little room and my boyfriend followed. The piercer was a quiet guy, not that informative. He did what he had to do. Cleaned it. Marked it.

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