Teenage Girls With Belly Button Rings

Common scenario; This girl is aged 14 and she really wants to get a belly ring because it’s cool, fashionable, many of her friends have it, and it just looks nice!

However, in many states the law says that before 18, children have to get their parents’ consent before getting a body piercing…

But think about this first – many people choose to PIERCE their children’s EARS while they’re still INFANTS!

Yes, it is nothing uncommon for a 6 month old infant to have their ears pierced – follow this link for more information about baby ear piercing.

And when a girl aged 14 decides to get her navel pierced…isn’t this decision by far more responsible if compared to one made by parents for their child who even can’t speak! Speak to tell them the piercing hurts, or feels sore? How can they know if an infection has started?

OK,  some might say the navel is just the beginning. Then comes the rest of the body, then the girl will get tattoos, start doing drugs etc. etc. But this is rarely the case. It’s a common misconception that piercing are a sign of immaturity or rebellion.

But better we look at this problem from a different angle. The latest trends suggest that belly button piercing has gone mainstream and should not be considered as body modification along with monstrous stretched piercings or facial piercings. Belly rings have become fashion accessories like rings, necklaces, earrings etc.

Look at these celebrities with belly rings.

Read this about belly piercing going mainstream.

And what would you say about diamond belly rings? I think that the very existence of such high-end stuff clearly indicates that not only punks pierce their navels:-). Gem and Crystal Navel Rings are cute and feminine, and look great as a fashion accessory.

To recap all this I’d like to point out another worrying thing. When teenagers are not allowed to get that long wanted belly piercing they sometimes perform self navel piercing. And this is bad. There’s infections and other complications that can and more likely will occur if the piercing isn’t performed by a professional piercer in a studio.

Read this story about self-piercing.

Understand this – I’m not saying – let’s threaten your mom you’re gonna do the piercing yourself. All I’m saying is that although the parents might not completely like the idea of their 13 of 14 year old daughter having their navel pierced, it is worth having it done in a professional manner rather than put the child’s health at risk.

And think about the experience the parents can share with their girls going to the piercing studioread this piercing story!

Join others who have submitted their belly button piercing stories and got them set up on this belly rings guide!

Tell everyone about where and how you got pierced, how you treated your new piercing and where you shop for the belly button rings.

Sharing your experience is invaluable for those considering getting belly piercing and is also really interesting because every single one is unique!

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