The Mischieviously Sexy Belly Piercing

Belly button piercing in a blue tracksuit

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Whether you love to show off your midriff or prefer to maintain a secretly sexy side under wraps, a belly button piercing can add a feminine touch to any stomach ❗

For this lovely lady, a belly piercing appears to be ideal as it allows her to maintain a more mature and professional appearance when needed but also achieve a playfully beautiful bikini or lingerie body when wanted.

The particular jewelry piece she’s wearing is exceptionally ideal for her skin tone and balances the simple clothing and lack of other jewelry well because of it’s low dangle and high shine, also complementing the shine of her hair color. Since she’s able to conceal the piercing, it makes for a sweet surprise anytime she decides to reveal it. It really stands out against the shade of her skin as well, drawing attention to a wonderfully flat stomach. 😉

Belly piercings are something you want to put a little extra thought into decorating. Since, for most women, they’re not always exposed, when they are they tend to receive more attention than the average body part (other than parts on the face, of course). The other thing you want to keep in mind is that each woman’s body is a little different – from shape to size to skin tone and beyond – and what looks fantastic on one person won’t necessarily be flattering on another.

Accordingly, you should take into consideration things such as your proportions, shape, body type (athletic, thin, cuddly, or whatever it may be) when choosing your perfect piercing and decide on a style that both looks and hangs right on you.

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