My belly button piercing

By Devan, WB, Pennsylvania

Belly Piercing Story

When i was about 14, i wanted my belly button pierced soooooooo bad but my parents said no so i decided to pierce it myself. TERRIBLE IDEA!! It got infected so i took the ring out & started begging to get it professionally pierced.

Once again, i was rejected. but what did i do? I kept begging & begging & begging & then finally, they said yes! So me, my mom, & my sister went to a place called stormi steel fx. After all the papers & junk were signed, we went into the back room & i picked out a nice blue diamond ring. & before i knew it, it was pierced! no pain at all!

Now i’m 16 & i pretty much spend all my money on belly rings. I absolutely love my piercing! So if you’re thinking about getting it done, all i have to say is go for it ;]