A great inspiration!

By Alexxandra, Ca.

I had wanted to get my belly button periced since I was 14. My little sister (who is about 4 years younger than I am) had been tyring to convince our mom for her belly peirced since she was 14.

Just a few weeks ago, my mom finally gave in; under the condition that I got mine done at the same time.

When we arrived, everything seemed to go wrong; we didnt have the right amount of money, the peircer wasn’t there; ext. Once all our problems were fixed (the peircer was called in, Mom paid the extra cash) then we had the issue of fear. We were both SO scared.

The guy pericing us laughed at me, saying that my lip ring or my three tatoos hurt way more than my belly button was gonna. He was talking major crap as my sister got hers done and told me with a smile “didnt hurt at all.” I talked crap to the dude the whole time he peirced me, and ironically; didn’t feel not a slight pinch..Honestly, the clamps hurt the most! I really hate that he said he was gonna count to three, and shoved the needle in onone; though. Its been about two weeks, and mine is infected. My sisters is FINE; aint that some bullshit?!

My OMG moment

By Mercedes, Morgantown, WV

Belly Piercing Story

A week before my 15th birthday I decided on what I was going to use my 50 birthday bucks I get from my Nan each year. I thought really hard and long about it.

For as long as I can remember I’d always wanted to get my navel pierced but I was never old enough. And I just had forgot about it. So I decided to get my navel pierced! 🙂

So the day before my birthday I went to the local tattoo & piercing shop with my cousin and Poppie. Walked in and everyone looked really different, like we were from different part of the world. I was really nervous! 😕 Most of the employees were all tattoo’d up and piercing everywhere! That didn’t help with me being as nervous as I was.

Me being absolutely terrified of needles made the experience even more overwhelming. So my Pops had to fill out the consent form. And while we waited there were 2 people getting tattoos in the rooms with the doors open, they looked really calm but I was really scared. I thought about forgeting it and leaving. 😯

Next after looking through the tattoo books it was my turn! OMG I was so scared I was shaking! The piercer looked like the red head son with the long bushy hair and facial hair of Paul Sr off the chopper show. He was really nice! So he took us back in a closed off quiet room.

He took cleaning stuff rubbed it all over the surrounding areas of my navel, then took a marker and put a small dot on my navel. I was so scared I didnt even want to look I just wanted to get it over with. I looked said okay and sat on this really weird and uncomfortable chair that had no back!

He put the clamp on my and played around for a few seconds finding the right place I guess. And that clamp hurt. I couldn’t look he pulled out that needle and he said he would count to 3 and stuck it in on 1!

It stung alittle but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, the only thing that was bad was that clamp thing.

It’s all healed and well now, it’s a little crooked but I’m very happy with it! I think I may get another below it soon! 😉


By Nicole, Victoria, Australia

Belly Button Piercing Experience

I always wanted to get my belly pierced. I thought it was sexy and so feminine. But my parents thought otherwise. Mum tried to convince me that it look yucky, and so unlady like. But she was barking the wrong tree. She didn’t even feel that way, she just didn’t want me to do anything like that until I was 18! 👿

Well, on November of my 16th year my friend took me to where she got hers done. We rocked up and the guy piercing my belly was really friendly, and he kept making jokes. I didn’t realize what he was doing, and then he just sat back and said – done!

It was painless, and easy. He told me for two weeks I had to damp the ring with disinfectant. [which I did, but I wasn’t meant to take it out for another two months, which I didn’t, as soon as the two weeks was over I took it out and disinfected the whole the ring and then put it on again… out of all my friends, mine is the only on that hadn’t gotten infected.] ❗

It was a weird sensation… every step I took felt like it moved the piercing. Sleeping with it was the hard bit. I had to get used to sleeping on my side. I hated it. That had to be the worst experience of the whole thing, finding a different comfortable sleeping position or pain. 🙁

The next day I went to Sydney for a week, no parents. He he made it easier to hide it from them for a little while.
Considering my parents didn’t know about my rebellious act, about a month went by and my parents wanted to go swimming. I normally don’t cover my upper body, so it would have been weird if I did this time. So I had to explain it to them that I did something that they advised against. Funny thing is that my parents were more upset at the fact that I didn’t tell them earlier.

Well till this day, it has not become infect though it did bleed once or twice. But only because my brothers forgot that I had a piercing. And it’s the sexiest artificial thing I have on my body. Next year…. A tattoo [parents are going to kill me] 😀 and two more ear piercings. I just like to live the way I want and look the way I want! 😉

Is it done already?

By Jess, England

Belly Button Piercing Experience

Omg. I had wanted a naval piercing since i was what like 4 or so? 🙂 My older sister had hers done when she was 12 and i fell in love with them!

As my sisters only my half sister and we have different mums my mum wouldn’t allow me to get mine done for ages! 🙁 My 12 birthday came and went and while my brother was going away to France with the school me and my mum decided to go on a girly weekend away 😉

So one day we decided to go to Gt.Yarmouth and have a walk round and while my mum was scouting around for clothes shops and so on I was looking everywhere for a piercing shop, by now mum had already said that if we found a nice clean shop I could have it done! 😀

I looked everywhere but still no hope! They were all stinky filthy places, But then out of no where we spotted a sign wich was outside a jewellery shop wich mainly sold belly rings saying “body piercing also” so after fussing around outside the shop i finally went in!

We spoke to the really nice lady in there about what i wanted and while she was sterilising the equiptment i was looking at all the jewellery and chose a surgical steel banana bar with a red gem and went through to the piercing room. Imediatley we could tell that everything was sterile. She marked my belly checked that it was alright with us and told me to lie down. She then talked me through how she was going to clamp it blah blah blah and then told me to count to 3, when i got to 1 she pushed the needle through and said im done litterally i was like what the hell it’s done?

It cost £25.00, its been about 1 month and im EXTREMELY happy with my new piercing!

I’ve already bought hundreds of new jewellery for it but im waiting a year before i change it just to be safe to clean it i started of using lavender oil but now i use 1 teaspoon of SEA salt with bolided water once a week and spray savlon wound wash on it about 3 times a day.

“Ohh sexy belly!”

By Susannah Simon, New York, NY

Belly Button Piercing Story

I’d wanted to get my belly button pierced for a while and I heard it took a long time to heal. So I got it done in January so I’d be ready for summer. 🙂

I went downtown with about 6 of my friends. Two of them had agreed to do it with me so we could all have them together. We got downtown and scouted out some places but none of them seemed quite right.

Finally we found a place that seemed clean and the people were actually nice. The man piercing was a very quirky asian guy who made me feel much less nervous about the whole prosses. He kept saying “Ohhh yess you need sexy color, sexy color.”

Which probablly sound creepy but it was actually really funny. I volenteered to go first because all my friends were too afraid and I have the highest pain tolerence out of all of them. The guy showed me a box of all the different belly button colors and I picked a purple one and lowered myself into the chair. 😐

With my head back I closed my eyes but was tempted to open them one last time, and I couldn’t help but laugh. The very small piercing room was packed with teenage girls all trying to look over the guy trying to do his job, and two of them video taping already.

The guy got out what looked like a pair of cooking tongs and suddenly i didn’t feel like laughing anymore. My frienf Steph took my hand and told my to squeeze as soone as I felt pain. I closed my eyes and braced myself. I felt the cold mettle clamps grab a hold of the upper part of my belly button. 😯

And then the guy slapped my belly with his gloved hand and went “Ohh sexy belly! You look now!” And I sat up a little confused. It was done already? I hadnt even felt more than a tiny pinch! 😆

But I looked and there it was. A tiny, sparkling purple gem in my belly button. It was perfect! I loved it! I couldn’t believe I hadnt gotten it sooner!

The man procceded to instruct me in broken english how to clean it with anti-bacterial soap after the first week, and to leave it in for four to six months. Since I’m a vey fast healer I took it out and replaced it around Easter just under four months.

It healed fine and is one of my favorite things about my body today. I love it! I recommend if you want it, but just make sure you go to a good place, and everything is cleaned and certified etc.!

The Perfect Pierce!

By Marie Uvalle, Havelock, US

Belly Piercing Story

Scared, terrified, everything imaginable! 😯

I had wanted to pierce my belly button for as long as I could remember! The first time I saw one was in high school and I had wanted one since then. I was so scared to get one due to all the terrible stories my friends had told me about their experiences with getting it done.

“It hurts, it bleeds like crazy, it can get ripped out, etc.” I finally sucked it up and got it done 8 days ago. I would do it again in a heart beat. 😉

Best thing I ever did for myself, I was so proud I finally just went and did it. I got to the shop, they prepped for it, and I went back in the room. I was shaking, both nervous and excited. They told me to lean back, so I did and closed my eyes. He started to count and he did it on 2 and not 3 so I didn’t anticipate the actually minute he was going to put it through.

The needle didn’t hurt at all! He then slid the bar in and tightened the balls on the ends. He gave me a mirror and I thought, “Gorgeous!” I finaly had what I wanted for so long. When he was finished, he told what I could and couldn’t do and for how long. He then gave me a bottle of H2Ocean and that has been awesome!

The past 8 days it has not gotten infected, hurt or bled. It is faintly sore when I sit for a long time just because it readjusts when I stand up. So I would surely go do it again! I love it and it’s just perfect! I don’t have any jewelry for it yet, but I want all the pink ones I can find for it!

I can’t wait for it to finally heal and I can start switching it out with fun jewelry! I have fallen in love with the bright colored ones, glittery ones, and I have even seen the “Bioplast” ones that are bright and flexible. I’m not sure on how those are in the skin, but I haven’t seen any bad reviews on them either.

I am anxious to start building my collection up and showing off my piercing at the beach.

My advice to anyone wanting to get this done:

Go and get it done! Don’t wait years like I did, it does not hurt at all!

I thought my 3rd hole in my ears hurt lots worse. Go get it done and enjoy it! 😉

Getting Caught!!

By Ariana, NYC

Belly Button Piercing Story

I have always wanted a belly piercing but my mom is super catholic and her answer has always been no! 🙁

I got my ears pierced when I was a baby so i didn’t really know the pain level or anything of that nature. My first year in college, me and my best friend had been talking about getting our belly buttons pierced but I wasn’t too sure because my mom is a maniac! 😈

After a random day that included buying a hamster, doing my nails and getting locked out of our car (infront of a tattoo/piercing parlor), we decided that we were going to pierce our belly buttons. At the place you had to be 18 to get it without parents concent, I was only 17, and I didn’t have my I.D. on me anyways or cash, neither did my roomate. Our other friends that we were with were determined to see us doing something crazy, so they convinced the guy to pierce our bellies and my best friend put it on her credit card. 😆

The experience was hillarious. We walked in and it was already pretty late in the day. When its finally our turn, my friend decides to go first because she didn’t want to hear me in “the pain and agony of being pierced.” She lays on the chair and the guy gets everything together and finally gives my friend her piercing. We just hear a huge hollar come from the room and start laughing histercally!! She said it was extreamly painful. I was next! I layed on the chair and waited for a sharp pain. In the process of holding onto my friends hand and watching her record me, the guy pierced my belly button and all I could say is that my friend is a total drama queen. It didn’t hurt one bit! 😉

Two weeks later I went home. That was a really bad move! My little brother likes pulling stunts and decides that he wants to tell my mother that I had gotten my belly pierced (without really knowing that I had.) My mother storms into my room and pulls up my shirt to reveal my freshly pierced belly. She lets out a few curses and makes me take out the piercing, so I did. 15 minutes later while driving to some store, I shove the ring back into my stomach, re-piercing it. I thought it was going to get infected, but I had been and continued to take care of it by washing it out with Dial soap and putting A&D ointment on it. Even though it pussed and got a little red after that it healed perfectly.

I’ve had my piercing now for about a year and a half and I couldn’t be happier!! 🙂

Awesome Belly Piercing

By Kristi, West Virginia

Belly Piercing Story

Well i have wanted my belly button pierced since i have been 13 but of course my parents wouldnt agree to take me…

But sure enought two days after i turned 18 i went to get it done!

My parents had gone out of town to see a football game so it was perfect timing. I was quit nervous that day but it all worked out.

On that rainy saturday my boyfriend had planned on taking me out for a birthday dinner along with the piercing. I got more and more nervous as i got closer the the tattoo shop. Finally we got there and I told the lady what I wanted and she had me fill out some papers and pick out which ring i wanted.

Next thing knew i was sittin in the chair watching this guy get ready to pierce me. He put the clamp on and i looked away as he stuck the needle through(Which i didnt feel at all!).

About a half minute later he said your done! It was so fast i didnt feel a thing. I was so happy as i ran out to show my boyfriend who was waiting in the front room. As we left i was so excited i almost slipped on the icy deck! 🙂

Its been a month since i got it done and its healing great and of course i told my parents and they didnt mind! All in all it was worth the time and money i love it so much!