Almost Passed Out During Belly Button Piercing!

Almost passed out during belly button piercing


I never really craved a belly button piercing from a young age. It wasn’t until I was 21 and working in the ER that I decided I wanted a piercing. A weird place to have a revelation huh?

I saw this one 40-ish-year-old lady in the ER who was dressed as Cleopatra… It was Halloween by the way. While checking her for injuries I noticed she had an amazing looking belly button ring and apparently had kept it in all this time. For some reason that experience made me want to get one. I did tons of research and waited a few weeks before getting one to decide if I really wanted to embark on this journey. After looking at tons of cute pictures of girls with belly button piercings online and reading up about the care and healing process I decided I was ready!

So during a school break I decided to visit my boyfriend in Florida and I told him about my “surprise.” He thought it was cool and sexy that I wanted to get it done so a couple days later we went to a Tattoo shop that he trusted because he got a tattoo from there in the past.

I was nervous as heck when I got there! I started thinking I don’t know if I want to do this. This is a mistake! But I signed the paper work and the piercer took me back to his little room and my boyfriend followed. The piercer was a quiet guy, not that informative. He did what he had to do. Cleaned it. Marked it.

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Belly Hell…

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Katy Lambert from Seaton, Cumbria, England. Send in yours HERE and get a free belly button ring!

Belly Piercing Story

So, I have wanted this navel piercing for 3 – 4 years but have always been told no, as I was turning sixteen my mum and dad new that there was nothing stopping me when I was legal to go and get it pierced myself – in fact I can go get any piercing I want now! 😉

They both agreed to it and I went into town with my friends, my auntie had taken me to the piercing shop and signed the papers for me. The place looked really clean and I was really nervous standing at the desk I honestly thought I was going to faint.

While waiting in line the person that was doing the piercings shouted down: “I need someone to come with a mop, bucket and clean thing this girl has just been sick, fainted and is now bleeding!”

I started to freak out even more at this point but, I had been told by lots of people that Snicker bars are really good to eat before getting a piercing to stop you fainting because of the sugar content in it – something like that anyway… So I ate one before going into the shop.

I looked at some belly bars but I already knew what one I wanted, light blue because the blue crystal in it looks like my star sign stone and goes with my skin tone 🙂

I got really nervous waiting in line and it was pretty quick, 1 person went in for 2 seconds, comes out next person goes in it was really quick.

I finally went in and gave the guy my slip and picked my belly bar out, they guy started asking me questions and having a conversation with me which I liked because it relaxed me a bit. He cleaned my belly button and then got his pen and marked it and looked at me: “have you had this done before?”

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My Painful Belly Piercing

By Malika Joy Boostan, Brighton, England

Belly Piercing Story

About a year ago my cousin got her belly pierced and all my family went mad, i had the idea in my head to get my done, but i knew my mum would never say yes.

Around septemeber just gone i asked my mum as a joke if she would ever let me get it done and GUESS WHAT ? she said YES, but i was way to scared. All my friends were going mad at me, they wanted theirs done but weren’t allowed.

Anyway Novemeber comes and i’ve been told it doesen’t hurt at all, so i said to my mum yeah let’s get it done why not. I didn’t think she ever actually get it done for me, but yesterday (24th decemeber 08 ) she said it can be a xmas present and we went to the body piercing place (punktured) i picked a double jewelled belly bar and i signed some papers with my mum and then i saw the lady get some scissors, they looked pretty scary.

By now i was very very scared. Me and my mum entered the little room which looked alot like a dentist room along with a dentist chair. Anyway the woman marked me with a fine purple pen and asked me if that was where i wanted my piercing and i said yeah that’s alright.

So then all of a sudden i feel this great deal of pain and i closed my eyes, but my mum told me the used the scissors to clamp my skin and i was so frightned and then a couple of seconds laters it’s done. i was allowed to look in the mirror before the plaster was put on and my belly bar was a so beautiful even with the pain i had.

i did think i was weird, because none of my friends had this pain. I thanked my mum and the woman i was really happy. I walked out of the shop with my mum, but i have to admit i was in so much pain all of that day including some of today (25th decemeber 08 ) .

If you really badly want you belly done then i would go for it, but if you’ve only just decided, think carefully :].