Piercing Rejection and Migration.

Two of the more common and undesirable outcomes of piercing are piercing rejection and piercing migration.

Piercing migration occurs when your jewelry moves from its original position, and settles and eventually heals in a new location.

Piercing rejection occurs when the jewelry is completely expelled from the body.

Piercing migration occurs for a few reasons:

  • When unsuitable skin is pierced
  • Not enough skin is pierced
  • Jewelry may be too small in diameter
  • Jewelry may be too thin in guage
  • Jewelry may be of poor quality.

These problems are more common if you piercing is done by an inexperienced piercer.

Piercing migration and Piercing rejection may also occur if:

  • You use harsh aftercare products – read more about piercing aftercare here for more detailed information.
  • You follow poor health habits
  • You experience physical or emotional trauma during the healing phase.

Sometimes your body may reject a piercing for no apparent reason. Sometimes placing a foreign object through your skin is the simple reason the piercing is rejected. Make sure to see an experienced piercer when getting your piercing done and be sure to follow piercing aftercare guidelines strictly. Piercing migration or piercing rejection will be much less likely in these conditions.

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RIP navel star :(

By Elanor, from Nottingham, U.K.

It may have only lasted 6 months, but it was well worth it all. But sadly I had to remove all 5 bars int he last week as they were rejecting.

I had the top one done at Blue Banana in Nottingham (a place I’ve been to many a time and love and is pretty cheap) back in January and it healed very well despite it being through scar tissue from the piercing I’d had there the year before which had rejected.

I did the other 4 myself using 1.6mm hollow needles and slotted pennigton clamps and lieing on my bed after marking up in a mirror. They weren’t perfect but they were good enough for me and I was proud to say I’d done them myself.

The only real issue i had was that I had hollow not canular needles so the jewelery was a bit fiddly to get in. I did the side 2 first, and the bottom 2 a few weeks later. Then last month the bottom 2, then side 2 rejected and finally this week the top one rejected too.

I’m left with a stickman shaped scar which is pale but very entertaining and I’m now considering wha to to with my belly button next 😀