Mother Wasn’t Happy

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Kezleigh Evans from Bottesford, Scunthorpe, UK. Send in yours HERE and get a free belly button ring!

Mother Wasn't Happy About Belly Piercing

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Hello, my name is Kezleigh but most people call me Kez – mainly because they don’t know how to pronounce my name! 😀

I’m a 17 year old female and I have 3 piercings so far but I’m getting my nose pierced this week (so excited!) I love the feeling just before you get a new piercing the rush you feel. I guess I’m strange but – oh well…

Anyway about my piercings… I have my navel, my tragus and my normal lobes. My first piercing was my navel. On my 16th birthday me and my best friend Megan went to town to watch a film but on the way there I went past the piercing shop.

Now my mum knows the people who own the shop so I was so scared but I decided I wanted it done (and when I want something I make it happen).

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First Belly Button Piercing Story

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Ashley from Trumbull, Connecticut ❗

First belly button piercing

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I was at this piecing shop with my bff, she was getting her belly button pierced.

So she asked me would I get one with her so I sad – “Yeah!” – but not realizing that this would be her second piercing.

She said it wouldn’t hurt.

It came down to me getting my piercing, she lied when he asked me did I work – I said “Yeah!” – like it wasn’t going to hurt, the man said that it might hurt more.

I bagged away so fast that my bff almost caught me in her arms – she said: “Just close your eyes…” so I did so.

When I opened them I saw him putting it in. It hurt so bad ‘cause my stomach muscles are so tight.

But it came out cute in the end! 😉

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A hole in my Belly Button

By Shanikka, Fresno, USA

Belly Button Piercing

So for years i wanted to get my belly button pierced but i knew my mom wouldnt let me before i turned 18.

so about 2 months after i was riding to school with my friend and i saw a shop across the street from the school and decided that friday i was going in there to get my belly button pierced. So my friend and i went in, i was so scared… 😯

just for the record i don’t even have my ears pierced! so the guy who was going to do the piercing for me told me to lay on the little table so i did i think i was shaking a little bit. my friend was telling me to calm down ill be fine. so i closed my eyes and waited while the guy cleaned my belly button then marked where the hole would be.

i was holding my friend’s hand the whole time. she later told me i squeezed to so hard she had imprints… i told her she should feel bad for who ever gets me pregnant he may not have any hands lol. anyways so the guy puts this thing on my belly button it was a needle i think but im not sure cuz i wasnt lookin i knew if i did i would chicken out.

so i feel a pinch it didnt really hurt that bad… but it shocked me a little. then the guy took out the needle and put in my belly ring… after it was all over he cleaned it again… i didnt even bleed that much. but when i got home my little sister hit my stomach it hurt like hell… and sleeping was pain because i sleep on my stomach…

but now its been almost a year and everything is fine 🙂

Ouch…. never MIND!

By Maryalice Cortez, San Diego, CA USA

Belly Button Piercing

I had to wait a very long time to get my navel pierced. I was 16 when I first asked my mother if I could get it done. Of course she told me no, that I would have to wait till I was 18 to get it done. I don’t think that she really thought I was going to do it (because I am not big on pain).

Needless to say I am 19 now and I finally got it done! 🙂 It has been a little over 6 months since I got me navel pierced. I decided to finally stop being chicken and get it done.

I had off from school for thanksgiving break. My boyfriend and I spent almost the whole day driving around looking for a good place for me to get it done. I had gone with my friend a few months ago to get her nose pierced so I decided to try that place she went to.

It was about and hour drive from where we were. Finally we got to the piercing place. I was so upset when I saw a sign on the door that read “closed until Nov 28″. 🙁 I wanted to badly to get my navel pierced! I had finally worked up the guts to do it. I wasn’t going to walk away empty handed.

Lucky for me we had pasted another piercing place on the way there. I walked in and waited for a few mins with my boyfriend. I felt so out of place. Then finally after what felt like forever the “piercer” came and told me to walk into the back where the “piercing room” was.

I told the guy what I wanted. I wanted the lower part of my navel done because I wanted something different. He had me lay back in this chair, marked off the spot that I wanted. Then one…two…three…it was done. I felt a sharp “pinch” that was about it! 😉

I think that getting your cartilage pierced hurts more then getting your navel done. When he told me he was done I couldn’t believe it. I looked at my new belly ring. It was wonderful!

The piercing didn’t give me too much trouble. It got a little sore a few weeks ago. I was so worried that it was infected; lucky for me the piercing was irritated. The soreness went away in a few days. That was about the only trouble it has given me.

I have finally been able to change it and it looks great! I’m so glad I did it! 😀

My OMG moment

By Mercedes, Morgantown, WV

Belly Piercing Story

A week before my 15th birthday I decided on what I was going to use my 50 birthday bucks I get from my Nan each year. I thought really hard and long about it.

For as long as I can remember I’d always wanted to get my navel pierced but I was never old enough. And I just had forgot about it. So I decided to get my navel pierced! 🙂

So the day before my birthday I went to the local tattoo & piercing shop with my cousin and Poppie. Walked in and everyone looked really different, like we were from different part of the world. I was really nervous! 😕 Most of the employees were all tattoo’d up and piercing everywhere! That didn’t help with me being as nervous as I was.

Me being absolutely terrified of needles made the experience even more overwhelming. So my Pops had to fill out the consent form. And while we waited there were 2 people getting tattoos in the rooms with the doors open, they looked really calm but I was really scared. I thought about forgeting it and leaving. 😯

Next after looking through the tattoo books it was my turn! OMG I was so scared I was shaking! The piercer looked like the red head son with the long bushy hair and facial hair of Paul Sr off the chopper show. He was really nice! So he took us back in a closed off quiet room.

He took cleaning stuff rubbed it all over the surrounding areas of my navel, then took a marker and put a small dot on my navel. I was so scared I didnt even want to look I just wanted to get it over with. I looked said okay and sat on this really weird and uncomfortable chair that had no back!

He put the clamp on my and played around for a few seconds finding the right place I guess. And that clamp hurt. I couldn’t look he pulled out that needle and he said he would count to 3 and stuck it in on 1!

It stung alittle but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, the only thing that was bad was that clamp thing.

It’s all healed and well now, it’s a little crooked but I’m very happy with it! I think I may get another below it soon! 😉

MY Sexy Belly Story…

By Alicia Corado, San Diego Ca, USA

Sexy belly piercing story

Nothing really inspired me the most. I just wanted to feel more sexy! 😉 I was 21 at the moment and I’ve been wanting this since I was only 16. like about 3 days ago when my husband got paid we went shopping for our daughter and later that night right as they were about to close the piercing shop we arrived.

I WAS SO NERVOUS. 😕 I felt as if I was going to fall and my knees couldn’t resist my whole body! 😆 It was really quick and it didn’t even hurt. I just felt a pinch. Most people say that it hurts more when they put they belly ring in but for me it didn’t . I guess most people are just scared and nervous but its nothing really! 🙂

It was really my decision to go to the piercing shop, but just not at that moment because I and my husband are trying to save money to get our own place.

So any ways about the piercer he was really nice he explained about the needle and that it was not gonna hurt and that I had to relax and not be tense but after it was all done he didn’t explain nothing on how to take care of it.

I had to ask him everything… like wth? I could’ve sued him if something would’ve happened! 🙂 Any ways he was really nice other than that I guess he was just in a hurry to close his shop. It has not healed yet due to the fact that I just got it like a couple of days ago but I recommend you to get one its so cute and it looks sexy.

It might be even motivation if you have a little gut cause when you look down and see your belly ring you’ll be like aww man I gotta go work out hahaha! 🙂

Taking The Plunge

My name is Melissa and I am 24 years old, and I recently got my navel pierced – three weeks ago, to be exact. How I came to actually doing it was rather funny! 😆

Navel Piercing Experience

I’m a student in Ukraine and about a month back, I found out by accident that my classmate had a belly piercing. There was only one other person I knew that had one, so I was obviously curious about the process. She explained everything to me and my boyfriend got worried that I was really going to get one as well! At that point in time, I was merely interested, but I got thinking about it and was teetering on the edge about whether I wanted a navel piercing.

Being the obsessive person I am, I scoured the Internet for articles on piercings and did ample research on the process, complications, healing procedures and different types of belly rings. I got freaked out and completely paranoid about keloids, rejection, migration and infections 😯 but once I got over them, I decided to do it. 😉

My boyfriend didn’t want to come with me because he wanted to be surprised and my friend couldn’t follow because she had other things to do. I went on my own to the piercing parlour that I had previously visited to ensure that everything was clean – the same one that many of my friends went to and handed the piercer a belly ring that I had bought prior to the first visit.

She made me lie down and I insisted on seeing her open the sterile packaging in front of me and she did exactly that. Although she didn’t use gloves, she washed her hands with soap and I think she rinsed with alcohol as well. I can’t exactly remember. After applying some cream on my belly and she marked the spot with a pen and clamped my abdomen. The needle went through and in a moment, the belly ring was in place. And it was done! She brought me a mirror so I could look at it while she wrote out the things I needed to buy and what I would have to do to clean it.

I didn’t use hydrogen peroxide as was told by the piercer so I soaked the piercing with saline twice a day. I used to clean it with antibacterial soap as well, but I found it was doing more harm than good because it irritated the piercing and it killed the good bacteria along with the bad. At one point I also soaked it with an antiseptic solution but I also stopped that. Now it’s just plain saline solution twice a day. It’s healing nicely and I’ve had no problems, although I had a bad dream one night about the piercing getting rejected! 😮

So now, I’m taking good care of it and I can’t wait for it to heal completely so I can change the belly ring. I’ve gone through many online shops and my wish list has grown so long – about 90% of the items are belly rings!

None of my family know about it back home and it makes me wonder how my mother will react when she finds out!

Last week I sent a photo of my navel piercing to a friend of mine who’s in Malaysia and he was so surprised!! He then said that I had mentioned to him before that I wanted my navel pierced, probably about 4-5 years ago. Funny thing is, I don’t remember telling him that… or ever wanting it before! 😆

A Hole In One

By Lindsey, Jacksonville, Florida, US

Belly Button Piercing Story

Since about the 9th grade I have wanted a lip piercing but my parents absolutely hate them and really any other facial piercings. Well, this year I’m a senior in high school and thought about just doing it cuz hey I’m 18 ya know 😆

Well, I mentioned it and my mom said if I did she would not pay for my car insurance and phone bill and I would have to start paying rent.

Well, I wanted my lip done but shoot I’m not that dumb 😕

So finally one day she was talking to my neighbor and piercings came up and she said to my utter shock and awe that she wouldn’t mind me getting a belly piercing! 😯

Shoot i was so excited I jumped on that and it was agreed if I passed my math class she would pay for half of my piercing.

Well, that week I passed that class cuz I was taking it on the Net. So I go in to get it done at this really nice guy’s tattoo place he happened to know my boss at the jewelry store so he gave me a hella of a deal. 😀

So now I have my belly done and as soon as I can switch them my boss will make me a custom belly ring that I get to design ha ha ha. I’m soooo happy! 😛

Quick and Almost Painless!

By Shell, Pt.Pleasant, NJ

Navel Piercing Story

I’ve been wanting a navel piercing for almost a year now. I’m not the smallest girl, but I’ve been trying to lose weight for a few months and when I told myself when I got to a certain point I’d get my belly button pierced. 😉

So, a few weeks ago I began researching all about belly button piercing (this site helped a lot!). I’ve gotten my ears pierced twice and my mom told me that this is the last piercing that she’s paying for, I have to wait until I’m eighteen if I want more.

My mom agreed, even though she’s not to keen on piercings other than the ear. 😕

I wasn’t too nervous until I woke up this morning. I was anxious about the pain and my mom was trying to convince me not to get it done. I almost backed out, but I convinced myself to get it done. I’m so happy I went through with it!

I went to Adrenaline in Brick, and they were great. They explained the aftercare procedures and made me feel comfortable. I went in the room with my mother (who was more nervous than I was) who held my hand. The piercer was very quick and all I felt was a sharp pinch. My dad was with us too, but he just wandered around the store looking at different jewelry. 🙄

I picked out a simple curved barbell with purple gems, and they gave me the aftercare products (Satin and H2Ocean). Once the paperwork was filled out we were out in twenty minutes. It was a little pricey ($85, but that included the jewelry).

The piercing ached for about and hour after I got it done, but now it barely hurts. I am so glad that I got my belly button pierced, it’s something for me and I feel great about it! 😆

My parents don’t like it that much, but I love it!

I highly recommend Adrenaline for piercings. They are extremely clean, they are professional, and they have a great selection of jewelry. I love my belly button piercing, the little pain that I experienced was worth it! 😉


By Montana, Springtown, USA

Belly Piercing Story

OK, Well I’ve been wanting to get my navel pierced for a while and i finally got it done!!

I asked my mom and she was all for it, she actually wanted to get it done with me, but my dad, not so into it!! I kept begging him and he finally gave in, i was soo happy!! 😀

I got it done on a Saturday, i must say this, give yourself a few days to recover, cuz it does get tender. Neways my piercer was really nice and she put the clamps on which didn’t hurt to much, but since i have a pretty flat stomach it hurt a lil.

Then she said take 3 deep breaths and on 3 she put the needle through. It stung but i was fine, my mom was there with me.

Then i got up slowly…YOU MUST get up slowly, and eat before you go!!!! Neways i got up and i got a lolly pop XD then i went home, it was tender the first few days but it looks really good so far, and I’m hoping it stays that way!!! 😛