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4 Months of begging and good friends (;

By, Ianthe from Harrogate.

So i’ve wanted my belly done for a long time, NEARLY a year infact, I finally got the nerve to ask my mum, As you can imagine, initially the response was “NO!” I spent a whole 4months begging and pleading, and coming up with justifying excuses like “But mum, it’s better than a tattoo, i can just take it out and no scars left!” & “If i decide i don’t want it one day, I can just take it out, and it’s fine (: ” Still the answer was no, So I got my mums friend to talk to her about it, and eventually my mum came around. Initially the plan was to get it done for my 15th Birthday, But we were in the middle of moving house, and I knew a place where my friends had been and had good reports, so we went there, a WHOLE MONTH before my 15th (: So the weeks after i knew i’d get it done it was pure suspense, When i got there it was pure nerves, My piercer went through all the aftercare & piercing details and my mum signed all the papers, The piercer marked the dot on with a purple pen and after checking i it were straight he asked me to lay down, Previously i’d been asking all of the people in the tattoo parlour ‘does it hurt’ The pircer then said to me, “Let’s go at it this way, It’s gonna hurt and it’ll hurt like hell, Then when it doesn’t you’ll be happy” So i wrapped my arms around the underneath of the bench and after a tiny pinch of the clamp it was done…. I LOVE IT!! I reccomend it to all young girls, or anyone who wants it done for that matter.. The tiny bit of pain is worth it and it looks so beautiful!

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at home belly piercing!(:

By Brooke, from Maryland.

i’ve wanted my belly button pierced for as long as i can remember now.
i asked my mom if she would take me to get it done, but she instantly said no, i was too young! i’m fifteen, by the way.
i began to protest but it didn’t help at all:(
i got really upset but i wasn’t going to let her tell me what to do.
i decided to pierce it myself.
i went online to read how to do it the correct way, and even watched some professional videos on youtube.

the videos were so helpful, i strongly suggest watching them if you ear going to pierce your own belly button.
i also ordered a professional piercing needle from . it was only about about two dollars, and well worth it!
after i was throughly prepared, i gathered my tools.
-14g hollow piercing needle
-rubbing alcohol
-belly ring

1) i marked the spot where i wanted the piercing and put on gloves
2) i put alchohol all over the area to prevent infection
3) i started at the botton and worked my way upwards so that i could easil but the belly ring in.
4) at first i went slow but then i just pushed it through
5) after the needle was completly in, i put the belly button ring through the bottom of the needle and began to pull it all the way out of the top.
this was the most painful part for me.
6) i put the top ball on and cleaned it more with alcohol

it took about one month to heal, and it hurt really bad through the healing process.
i almost decided to take it out but i’m glad that i didn’t.
i used non iodine sea salt to clean it everyday.
my parents still don’t know about it, i’m trying to build up my courage to tell them:P
oh, and if you decide to pierce your own belly button, please make sure you use a clamp! that was a mistake that i made and mine is kind of crooked.
but other than that, it turned out great!

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My Fantasy Piercing!!!! x

By Claire Thomas fron Doncaster, England.

After I’d picked my beautiful barbell, the woman autoclaved it and told me to come into the piercing room as she put on these cool looking black gloves.

She made me lift up my shirt, and she cleaned my navel with an alcohol pad. She then marked the dots on my belly button….and then it was time…

I thought I was going to piss myself silly!! I lay on the table and concentrated on my breathing thinking “holy shit holy shit” the whole time while staring at the ceiling. She put the clamp on and I’d thought it was the needle (but it didn’t hurt) but boy was I wrong. She then said “Ok I am going to put the needle in now. Take a deep breath and when you let it out I am going to push it through.” When I let my breath out, she pushed the damn thing through and actually, it hurt a little bit more than what I’d expected because she pulled up my skin to stretch it out so she could put the barbell through.

When she had put my ring in, she let me get up and I looked at it in the mirror. It was SO CUTE!! I was really excited, and couldn’t wait to show my mom and little sister. They both really liked it. The lady then proceeded to tell about the cleaning process. She said I should clean it with Dial soap and soak it twice a day in salt water.