Sisterly Love

By Cassandra, Florida

Belly Button Piercing Story

Well,i got my belly button pierced when i was,say 14. my sister, 9 months younger than i, had wanted hers pierced for longer than i had. but she wasn’t allowed to get hers done for she was only 13.

So, i went out with my friends, and i came home, noticing a whole bunch of shoes at the front door. so i walked into my sisters room about to greet all her friends that had been over. when i opened the door, i see my sister lying on her back, shirt up, and her two good friends one holding scissors through my sister, and another pulling up the skin on her stomache.

I was in complete shock, and not to mention completely discusted. i was the older sister who freaked a bit, but i let them finish. knowing if there were mistakes made, then they would have to learn the hard way. my sister is now 15. she still has her belly pierced. it is a tad crooked, but its still cute. good job girls !