My belly piercing story (:

By Inshara from Melbourne.


So I have my belly button pierced, and when I got it pierced people were shocked, I’m not the type of person person you would expect to have piercings, people classify me as the ‘good girl’ so that made me want a piercing more! I just loved seeing the reaction on my friends faces! I had ALWAYS wanted one.

My parents were easy to convince! How I convinced them you ask? I just told them that it was my body and I was just going to get it done when I was 16 anyway! and I said that I wouldn’t start wearing skimpy clothes just because I had a navel ring!

I went it in with my mum after she had signed the papers, I was led into a room were I stood up straight as he marked where my piercing was about to go. The moments leading up to the peircing is when I started to get nervous! he had all his tools set out and I laid down on a bed type thingy and he clamped my skin and then slid the needle through and threaded the jewelry in and screwd the ball on. The whole porcess took 3 minutes and it hurt abouta 6-7 on a scale of 10 but the pain only lasted a second!

It has been 2-3 weeks since I got it done and it’s doing great! I clean it with sea salt twice a day, I am so happy that I got it done it’s probably one of the most spontaneous things I’ve ever done and I felt like a badass, lol.

My first belly candy!

By Nikki from Sturbridge.
Heading out: Me and my friend wanted to get our navels pierced. I got lots of recomendations to this piercing shop not to far away from me and decided that’s where we were going to go check out first.

In the car, I wasn’t really that nervouse. When we got there and went inside, the first thing I noticed was touns of body jewlery. Shining, and new. The place looked VERY clean and we talked to the piercers, they were very friendly and answered all our questions.

The suspense: My mom signed papers for me since I was only 16 and needed parental consent. However, they wouldn’t let my mom sign for my friend so there I was all alone getting it done, my first piercing other than my ears. I was getting pretty nervouse. I picked out my navel ring which was a metalic like blue.

The big moment: We went into the piercing room and everything was spotless, and there was dentist like chairs. The piercer explained everything she was doing, as she did it. First she cleaned my belly buton, then marked it wih a purple marker and asked me to make sure it looked straight and if i was happy with it, after that she told me to lay down on the dentist like chairs. She then showed me the needle in the packaged to prove it was sterilized. She told me she was putting a clamp on, and then said deep breath in and out, and when i exhaled she pushed the needle through. I didn’t feel a thing, no pinch nothing! it was so easy and quick. She then told me how to clean it and gave me some papers on it and off I went.

Healing: It was VERY sore for the first few weeks. It was even hard to bend and sit. I cleaned it twice a day. I haven’t had too many issues with it. I’ve had it for 8 months and it’s almost fully healed. It was a long healing process but well worth it!

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