the day i got my belly button pierced

By Donna from Wesley Chapel.

 the day i got my belly button pierced was when i was 18.

i decided to go to k and b and get it pierced. the place was amazing. the reason i decide to get the piercing was becasue i thought it would look hot with my body and it does.


the piercing studio was right by my house that how i also choose the place. the piercer was very sweet amd understanding that i was very exicted to get it done.

when i walked in i was kinda scared cuz i thought it was going to hurt but once he took me back my nerves were all comed down an then i got it pierced.

the piercer told well enought how to take care of my piercing and it helped alot it never even got invected. the pierrcing took all in all to heal about 3 months not long at all i was very suprised.

now i have many ring dangle non dangle reversabe crazy glow in the dark etc. i get them from all over the beach sores hot topic spencers every where all in nall i love my belly button piercing.

My Belly Button Ring

By Sarah from Alabama.

I must have been about 11 years old when I first thought about getting my belly button pierced, and I guess ever since then the idea just stuck in my mind. I wanted one for two years so you could imagine how happy I was when I was able to do it!

I finally managed to persuade my mum to let me get the piercing a few days after Christmas 2010, so me, my boyfriend, and my mum went to a piercing studio.

The man that pierced my belly was called Steve, he was really nice and because I was wearing my Jamaica shirt he asked about my holiday.
Because I’d read some reviews on navel piercings that had gone wrong or gotten infected I was a little nervous but I was too excited to care much about worrying.

First Steve measured my belly button to make sure he pierced it in the right place, then he put a clamp onto it and sprayed freezing spray on it so it went numb, which was the worst part of the whole experience because the clamp pinched a little bit and the spray made my tummy tingle but after a e seconds, twenty at most, I couldn’t feel it anymore.

My boyfriend was talking to me when Steve told me it was all done, I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t feel a thing!
I stood up and looked in the mirror at my new red and silver belly bar – I loved it!

After this, he handed me a small leaflet with information on how to keep the area and piercing clean, ‘do’s and don’ts’, etc..
I thanked him, and left the shop.

I’ve had my belly pierced for nearly four months now, and it’s all healed up now so I can change the bar whenever I want to, although I still use the cleaning routine that Steve gave me so I don’t risk infection.
If you’re thinking about getting your belly button pierced, go for it! Trust me, it doesn’t hurt and if you’re scared of needles just don’t look at it and everything will be fine!

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Quick and Pain Free :)

By Bree, from Post Falls.

So I’d been considering getting my belly done for quite some time but had put it off because I was nervous about how much it might hurt and because I wasn’t quite as fit as I wanted to be to show it off.

Anyways, I recently started working out and changed my diet and lost some weight, so as a treat to myself I decided to finally get it pierced today 🙂

I have alot of other piercings already, so I knew which shop I’d be headed to. Its nice and clean and the piercer is super friendly. When I got there he was set up and ready to go right away and assured me it would be painless compared to my other piercings, (which didn’t hurt anyways, I was just nervous) so i knew I’d be okay.

He marked the dots on my skin and we joked about how my belly button is a little off center. I laid down on the chair and before I could say anything it was done! completely painless 🙂 He explained the aftercare and I paid and tipped him and we left. (Always tip a great piercer, they’ll remember you when you come back. ou will come back haha…piercing is addictive.)
the only pain I’ve felt at all was when the seatbelt in the car snagged it a bit.

Its only been about six hours since I got it done but already I love it! I recommend it to anyone thinking about it. Don’t be discouraged by any negative stories you read online. Before I went I was spooked because everywhere I read it said I was in for major pain. I even had one friend describe it as worse than a tattoo, but none of that is realistic.

Its a quick pinch, not even as bad as a nose piercing. (Which for me and most people I’ve talked to was painless.) I really hope it heals quickly like all of my previous piercings because I’m excited to try out all the different kinds of jewelry available 🙂 I didn’t have a choice of starter jewelry so for now I have a plain titanium barbell. I can’t wait to show it off when summer comes around!

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