Impromptu in Ottawa

By Marida, from Winnipeg, Canada.

I’ve always wanted a belly button piercing since grade 3 when a student teacher in my dance class had one. I thought it was the prettiest thing in the world. Of course over the years I forgot about it and struggled with my weight. At 14 I got my nose pierced and at 15 my eyebrow. About a year ago I decided I wanted one but thought I was to fat so that went out the window but roughly 2 months ago after losing 15 pounds I thought “What the heck!”

So fast forward 6 weeks and there I am driving to Future Skin in Ottawa, Ontario during my impromptu trip. I arrive at 4pm (an hour before my actual appointment since I was done shopping for the day) and the piercer Mat prepares the room. 10 minutes later my shirt is up and he’s marking my tummy. I lie down and he secures the clamps ,which weren’t as uncomfortable as I thought they would be, and he tells me to take a deep breath. I feels a small pinch and a little tugging then I’m all done, jewelry and all!

The first few days I was afraid to sit depite the fact it didn’t hurt and there is no crusties or redness but after about 5 days the skin around the holes have become somewhat red and it does crust a bit. I’ve been using saline solution twice a day and letting my soap (Dove) run over my piercing in the shower before rinsing it off. It’s now 2 weeks old and doing fine.

Overall I’m extremely happy I got my belly button pierced! I hope on getting my tongue done next if I can ever convince my mom. 😉

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