Self-done And No Regrets!

By Majoyree, Winston Salem, US

Belly Piercing Story

On March 21,2009 I pierced my navel. I got a kit from a week before that. I had been wanting my navel pierced since 2005, and I had done tons of research in that time! 💡

I woke up at 7 in the morning, because I was so excited about doing it. I drank some orange juice to raise my blood sugar, cleaned my navel with the alcohol, clamped the skin (the part that hurt most) and pushed the needle through slowly.

After that I cleaned up the blood, removed the clamp (dumb move) and tried to insert my Bioplast glow in the dark blue barbell.

After 7 minutes of trying, IT BROKE! 😯

Luckily, the piercing kit came with a CBR. So I put that in and after 10 minutes I got the ball in, and took a shower. Then 4 days later I had symptoms of a metal allergy. So I bought a Bioplast barbell from (the best place to go!)

And got that a week later. So when I got it, I was trying to insert it, but it was too short for my piercing. I was dumb enough to leave it in for 2 days before taking it out...

I took that out and put my CBR back in. Well that wasn’t easy because the bead refused to go back in! After 30 minutes I gave up and left it out. Now, a month later, the allergy is gone, and I have a happy piercing! 🙂