My Belly Button ring stories (:

By Gabby, from Macon,GA

 So when I was 12 years old me and my best friend said we wanted to get out belly buttons periced. So, we tryed to do it our self’s That didn’t work out they got infected. So we had to take them out.

And then the second time I had it dont professonaly, and when I did I got it for christmas this year, and when I did, I was like it is gonna hurt like a hell becasue it did when we did it our self’s well no when he clamped it I was like I was like Mama, Hold my hand ! ( I am not 14 years old)

So when he put the needle in, I was like oh Mama let go of my hand that didnt even hurt! She was like Oh My God It looks like it hurt, I was like nawh. It don’ t.

So now that I have had it for about a month in a half. I have not had any problems with it. I am a cheerleader, so I have to put a plug in it when we have practice.. And I LOVE IT !! So happy I got it re done!

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Horrible Ending To A Birthday Gift…

By Shanay, Brooklyn

Belly Infection Story

For my 16th birthday my mom finally let me get a belly piercing. at first i was scared but the fact that i waited so long to get it, i had to go through with it.

The first week was heaven! i could wear my favorite crop tops and half shirts. then tragedy struck… after getting stuck on my shirt one morning it began to bleed.

The next couple days i noticed it started to puss green fluid and was sore to the touch. i just began to wash it everyday and keep an eye on it until my stomach aches started.

I started to get stomach aches and my skin turned blackish purple around my navel. i didnt know what to do so i told my mom and we went to the doctor.

The doctor told me that the only way to fix it was to surgically remove it and close the hole. after my surgery, they told me never to get one again… my dream birthday gift turned into my nightmare..