Pierced on the bottom?


Belly Piercing Story

Ever since I was little I wanted to get my belly button pierced. My older sister got hers done once she turned 18 but i just COULDNT wait that long (that would be another 3 years). When I was little my sister told me that i have the perfect belly button to get it pierced on the bottom or top. so I was always kinda thinking of getting it on the bottom.

well I’m 15 now and i KNOW my mom would never go for that. She would come up with some sort of lame excuse. This was about the time that my mom helped me get a new debit card. so guess what i was thinking?!?

I went on the internet and bought a 8 piece navel piercing kit. you can only imagine what happened from there.

once it came in the mail, i had to tell my mom that it was for my friend devin and she doesnt have a card so she asked me to get it for her. LIE. :/ she believed me though.

so I decided to pierce my belly button on the bottom. and piercing it myself was NOT easy. especially since im deathly afraid of needles.

i had to ice it for the longest time and i was really scared so i tried to do it slowly. i would get it almost through but not completely breaking the skin on the other side and then the numbing would go away. so i had to hold the needle there and ice it at the same time. I decide to be brave and just shove it through real quick. omgosh when it broke the skin on the other side, i was discussed. it made the most awfulest sound ever. like when your popping a zit and you just hear it pop. IT WAS GROSS. so once i got the ring in, i was super excited.

I wanted to go and tell all of my friends, and i did.

having a belly button ring is kinda a hassle though. like when i had volleyball games i had to take it out and i was really scared that i went through all that and it was gonna close up real quick.

so to this day, my mom doesnt know. 🙂