Inverse navel piercing

By Brittany from La Puente.

I’m 24 years old. 3 years ago, when I was 21, I had my first navel piercing done. I submitted my story here at the time. It was a home piercing, done by my then-boyfriend (now ex). Since then, I’ve become fascinated with body piercings and have done extensive research on the subject. I had my nipples done professionally last year, and decided it was time for something new.

Anyways, on to my piercing story. I’d been admiring navel industrials since my first navel piercing. I decided to go for it and get an inverse piercing. I brushed up on my research, and decided that I could attempt a self-piercing. I went on ebay and ordered a navel piercing kit- containing a pair of black gloves, 14g piercing needle, receiving cork, alcohol wipe, sea salt, lubricant for the needle and jewelry, clamp, and 14g CBR.

I recieved the kit on Saturday and got everything set up. I cleaned the area first with soap and water, and then put on the gloves and cleaned the area with the alcohol wipe. I used a marker to mrk the piercing, then used the clamp, making sure that the dots I had made lined up. As I began inserting the needle, I realized that this wasn’t my best idea. I managed to get the needle all the way through, but before I could get it into the cork, the clamp slipped out of place, and the needle retracted into the piercing. At that point, I was about to give up. I knew there was no way I’d be able to get the CBR in. I decided to use the titanium curved barbell I had used on my first navel piercing, instead. I managed to get it almost all the way in, but it took a bit of wiggling to get it through the bottom hole, as the skin had already started to close.
I’ve been doing regular saline soaks and using bactine, as I was told to do when I had my nipples done last year. It looks good so far, but I’m being cautious because of the complications I had.
I love it, though! I love how the two look together, and I’m going to get industrial jewelry to connect the two after it heals.

Stupid yet cute Idea!

By Janice, from Tx.
I want to say that I did pierce my own belly when I was 14. Stupid I know but I loved and wanted this piercing soooooo much but my mom is strictly NO to any piercings, including my industrial.

Anyway I was searching the web for pictures of goth clothing and etc. when I came across a couple body jewelry sites. I looked at the belly rings first, and I instantly knew I wanted this piercing. I asked my mom several times in the span of a couple of months. Same answer always was no.

I finally had enough and decided to do it myself.
After school one day, I went to a friend’s house. I had already bought a belly ring from walmart and I had gathered up a sewing needle, some alcohol wipes, a clamp, and a clean towel. I sat down in the middle of my friend’s bedroom , put the clamp onto my belly,marked the spot with a pen, cleaned the needle, and prepared myself for the pain. I knew the moment the sewing needle went through my flesh I was going to regret it. I bit down on my lips and the neede finally went through. The worst pain I ever felt in my life was when my friend helped me push the belly ring through the much smaller hole in my belly. I wanted this piercings so much, yet I knew I shouldn’t have done this.

After a couple weeks, though, my piercing got infected like I knew it would, and after the infection healed, I noticed that the piercing itself was way too shallow to heal right so I took it out. I was sooooo upset, but I eventually got to get it pierced by a professional. Please do not pierce yourself, guys and girls. Bad Idea. I didn’t have a noticable scar, but I still know that I damaged myself and it hurt more when I got it done properly than it would have if I had not gotten impatient.

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Breaking the Rules

By aKeke from Texas.

So , I’m 17 years old and i have been wanting a belly button pierced since i was about 15. I knew my mom would say no if i asked for one. So on my 17th birthday i just decided ima get my belly pieced on my own, i just had to get the money.

So i find out that my uncle that does tattoos tought his oldest daughter, who is my age and also my cousin, to do piercings. About a month ago i talk to my aunt who was going to my uncle house and i knew it was my opportunity to get my belly pierced. So, i went to my uncle house and seen my cousin, we talk and caught up, then i told her that i wanted my belly pierced.

Now she knows my mom and how she can get so she was scared just thinking about doing without my mom knowing. So after debating about it for 10 mintues she agreed to do it but right before i was leaving to go home. The time went by and it was 15 mintues before 9 and she went inside to set up the stuff to do my piercing.

She bought out the sissor looking thing that pinches the skin and tried itout on me , it hurted a bit but i still wanted it done. So we went into the bathroom and she had everything ready and set up. My heart started beating fast and i got really nervous and was about to bag down but i looked and seen she had everything ready, so i took a deep breathe and was ready for the sissor thing again. She pinched my skin and got the needle(she had on gloves and use all clean materails and stuff), i told her not to tell me when she was about to do it but she said she had to so i could breathe in and out.

So she asked me was i ready and i told her yeah, she told me to breathe in…i looked up and breathe in and bam the needle was in my skin. I looked down and i seen her sliding out the needle and replacing it with my ring. “That it, it’s over?” i asked. “Yep thats it.”my cousin said. “That didnt really hurt that bad.” i thought to myself. Now a month later and my mom still doen’t know…lol i tell her one day. 🙂

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RIP navel star :(

By Elanor, from Nottingham, U.K.

It may have only lasted 6 months, but it was well worth it all. But sadly I had to remove all 5 bars int he last week as they were rejecting.

I had the top one done at Blue Banana in Nottingham (a place I’ve been to many a time and love and is pretty cheap) back in January and it healed very well despite it being through scar tissue from the piercing I’d had there the year before which had rejected.

I did the other 4 myself using 1.6mm hollow needles and slotted pennigton clamps and lieing on my bed after marking up in a mirror. They weren’t perfect but they were good enough for me and I was proud to say I’d done them myself.

The only real issue i had was that I had hollow not canular needles so the jewelery was a bit fiddly to get in. I did the side 2 first, and the bottom 2 a few weeks later. Then last month the bottom 2, then side 2 rejected and finally this week the top one rejected too.

I’m left with a stickman shaped scar which is pale but very entertaining and I’m now considering wha to to with my belly button next 😀

at home belly piercing!(:

By Brooke, from Maryland.

i’ve wanted my belly button pierced for as long as i can remember now.
i asked my mom if she would take me to get it done, but she instantly said no, i was too young! i’m fifteen, by the way.
i began to protest but it didn’t help at all:(
i got really upset but i wasn’t going to let her tell me what to do.
i decided to pierce it myself.
i went online to read how to do it the correct way, and even watched some professional videos on youtube.

the videos were so helpful, i strongly suggest watching them if you ear going to pierce your own belly button.
i also ordered a professional piercing needle from . it was only about about two dollars, and well worth it!
after i was throughly prepared, i gathered my tools.
-14g hollow piercing needle
-rubbing alcohol
-belly ring

1) i marked the spot where i wanted the piercing and put on gloves
2) i put alchohol all over the area to prevent infection
3) i started at the botton and worked my way upwards so that i could easil but the belly ring in.
4) at first i went slow but then i just pushed it through
5) after the needle was completly in, i put the belly button ring through the bottom of the needle and began to pull it all the way out of the top.
this was the most painful part for me.
6) i put the top ball on and cleaned it more with alcohol

it took about one month to heal, and it hurt really bad through the healing process.
i almost decided to take it out but i’m glad that i didn’t.
i used non iodine sea salt to clean it everyday.
my parents still don’t know about it, i’m trying to build up my courage to tell them:P
oh, and if you decide to pierce your own belly button, please make sure you use a clamp! that was a mistake that i made and mine is kind of crooked.
but other than that, it turned out great!

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