The not so suprising shock

By Meaghan McDonald, London, Ontario

Belly Button Ring

As I entered the peircing shop.. My heart started to pound. I was soon inhailing in and out as i reached the counter. I stepped up and told the girl “1 belly button piercing please”.

She told me i would have to wait about 45 minutes as there were many people there to get that same piercing. I did as i was told and left the counter. I ended up going out from lunch and then retourning the same heart pounding shop. I stepped up and the lady already recognized me. My friend smiled at me as she was there to support me 😀

A man came out and waved his hand to come in a small cluttered room. He talked to me, and explained that “Most girls scare themself’s with the attached stress more than the actaul pain.” So, i took a breath and smiled 🙂

I knew i was ready to do this. I had been wanting it for sometime now. The man shined a light on my stomach and started to draw 2 dots on my belly. I wasn’t even nervous at this point. Following his instructions i layed on the small bed thing. He cleaned my belly button and took a needle to it. My friend smiled as i squeezed her hand in shock. It really was not that bad!

As he sled the barbell in i made a funny face. It was not very painful it more just like and “ouch!” 🙂 I stood up and led myself to a mirror. I was SO happy with the results! Afterwards he explained to me how to clean and take care of it. I listened well and thanked the man. Sometimes the fear of doing something can be cool. It shows you are somewhat brave to actaully get something on your body pierced.

I was SO happy in the end with no doubt i left the shop with a smile on my face and a sexy looking belly button 😉

Belly button piercingss

By Jasmine, Zion Grove

Belly Piercing Story

So this whole thing about me wanting my belly button pierced started when I was about twelve or thirteen.

When I asked my mom if I could get it done she agreed to but my dad not so much, he really wanted me to wait till I was sixteen or eighteen but he decided fifth teen would be okay.

A close friend of my family did it for me and I have had it done for about two or three months now. The guy was really nice and even came to my mom’s house to do it for me! 😛

Of course I was scared at first and as I was getting it done I had to hold my cousins hand, he told me to make sure I’m breathing because a lot of people were so scared they held their breath, which you DO NOT want to do, because you may pass out from no air circulating to your brain! ❗

Before he was ready to pierce it he put the clamps on my figure and said that was the most pain I would feel. He counted to three and I didn’t feel a thing, and he was right the clamps holding the skin was the most I felt even when the needle went through, I didn’t even know it was through!

Once that was over and done with he put a belly ring through, and I really didn’t like the feeling of that. Then the piercer told me to use Epsom salt dissolved in water at least once a day to clean it.

It’s infected right now from not cleaning it for two weeks, so it’s extremely important to clean it every day for as long as your piercer tells you and it’s important to follow every instruction they give you!

I read online that you shouldn’t use Neosporin on it because it will try healing it as if it was a cut. A lot of websites gave me good advice on how to help the infection. I’ve been looking on this one website called, and they have some nice belly rings.

Well that’s my story of my belly button piercing experience.

So if you’re planning on getting yours done good luck! :]