Belly ring at 13

By Hannah, from Orange County.

As long as I remembered I had always been into piercings, by age 13, I had 12 piercings, all up both my ears!

I decided it was time for something more edgy, more sexy, a belly ring! Convincing my parents was NOT easy, but after I agreed to be super good, and do plenty of chores, they agreed, and my mom and I went to our local piercing shop.

I had already done research on this piercing, knowing the healing time was around 6 months, and you must clean the piercing every day. I walked in, and I chose a red stainless steel belly button ring. It looked great. We went to the back and my piercer cleaned my belly button with soap, drew a line with ink, and asked me to hold clamps on my belly button.

The clamps hurt quite a bit, but not as bad as the sharp 14G needle that quickly shot through my skin! He cleaned up the blood, and off my mom and I were with my new belly button ring! I cleaned it everyday with Softsoap, and got sea salt spray to speed up the healing process! As of now, I am 14, and my blly ring is completely healed and I’m getting an inverted belly ring soon! If you’re considering getting a belly button ring, it was definently worth it!