Piercing Promise

belly button piercing

By Cassondra from Cocoa Beach, USA.

My best friend and I have wanted to pierce our belly buttons since we were 12. So one day while watching 13 we made a pack that when we were both 16 we would get our piercings done together.

 The next day we both went out to buy fake, spring loaded rings and wore them to school for years. Well soon after, i moved about an hour and a half away, but we kept in contact. We had made so many silly pacts that this one soon sliped my mind. I wasn’t reminded of it until I moved in with her at 15, and she had her nose pierced. I had asked her if she had anything else pierced, and she replied with, ” no I was waiting on you.”

 So we started to look into piercing parlors, and they were far too expensive at the time. Then we began to consider self piercing. Bad idea. I tried it and couldn’t even manage to get the bell bar in. I was lucky not to have done some serious damage, or gotten it infected. So we gave up on the idea for a little while.

A few months went past and we saw a sign at a local tatoo shop that said two for one piercings!!! And that was it, I was sold. When I asked my mother, I was completly shocked when she said why not. Granted she had hers pierced but I never thought that she would give her consent. A week later we went up to the shop, and my friend wanted to go first.

Well we thought that this would be best because she was afraid or needles. Well we were wrong!! When she lied down on the table, and they put the clamp on her, she started to freek out. She actually managed to hit the laddie doing the piercing in the face as the needle was going though, and when it was done started to have a panic attack! Well this shook me up quite a bit, and I wanted to back out, but my friend guilt triped me to get on the table since she went through with it. Well the whole time I keep saying this is a bad idea over and over again. I even tried to get up when she was trying to put the clamp on.

 And to my supprise I didn’t feel it go through. I had to see the piercing for my self to belive that it was really done! So i hoped off the table payed and went strait to myboyfriends house, to show it off.

 I guess some times it pays to take a risk cause both me and my freind still love our piercings, and I belive that the whole act made our friendship stronger!