im inlove^^

By Jessi, from Switzerland

well i finaly got a new piercing its called a side piercing!
i got it done today at tonys studios in switzerland and well the guy who did my piercing was great and sweet and tried his best not to hurt me he also gave my a extra bar if i wanted to change it…he said it wouldnt heal after a month or 2 and that i should clean it with some pink stuff but i know it doesnt work lol ive learnt and well ive also got to know that hot salt water is the best way to clean a piercing it helps alot and heals faster because of the salt cristals!and well my piercing looks great i cant wait to wear my bikini so all my friends can see how sexy it looks^^well hope if you get it done that all goes well and never stop piercing^^nt the best pic sorrys

Your SExy Belly

By ANA, from Texas.

Well when i first had got a piercing i was kind of nervous. my parents didnt let me have one so i told my aunt to sign the papers so i could get a piercing.

So i did and it didnt hurt i thought it would have but it didnt so i was so happy. now that i have my belly button pierced i go to the beach with my 2 piece hello kitty bikini and a lot of guys love it!!

They just keep staring and staring even one of them try to talk to me:) i think my belly is the sexiest part of my body ..

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