My OMG moment

By Mercedes, Morgantown, WV

Belly Piercing Story

A week before my 15th birthday I decided on what I was going to use my 50 birthday bucks I get from my Nan each year. I thought really hard and long about it.

For as long as I can remember I’d always wanted to get my navel pierced but I was never old enough. And I just had forgot about it. So I decided to get my navel pierced! 🙂

So the day before my birthday I went to the local tattoo & piercing shop with my cousin and Poppie. Walked in and everyone looked really different, like we were from different part of the world. I was really nervous! 😕 Most of the employees were all tattoo’d up and piercing everywhere! That didn’t help with me being as nervous as I was.

Me being absolutely terrified of needles made the experience even more overwhelming. So my Pops had to fill out the consent form. And while we waited there were 2 people getting tattoos in the rooms with the doors open, they looked really calm but I was really scared. I thought about forgeting it and leaving. 😯

Next after looking through the tattoo books it was my turn! OMG I was so scared I was shaking! The piercer looked like the red head son with the long bushy hair and facial hair of Paul Sr off the chopper show. He was really nice! So he took us back in a closed off quiet room.

He took cleaning stuff rubbed it all over the surrounding areas of my navel, then took a marker and put a small dot on my navel. I was so scared I didnt even want to look I just wanted to get it over with. I looked said okay and sat on this really weird and uncomfortable chair that had no back!

He put the clamp on my and played around for a few seconds finding the right place I guess. And that clamp hurt. I couldn’t look he pulled out that needle and he said he would count to 3 and stuck it in on 1!

It stung alittle but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, the only thing that was bad was that clamp thing.

It’s all healed and well now, it’s a little crooked but I’m very happy with it! I think I may get another below it soon! 😉


By Alayna, USA

Belly Piercing Story

Hi all! Ok first things first, I am TERRIFIED of needles. 😯 Not just a little scared, abolutely terrfied. So this was a big step for me.

I have my ears pierced a few time but that’s it. I was at the beach in Ocean City, MD and my friends talked me into getting it done. The whole time I was signing the papers I was asking the staff, “Does it hurt? Are you sure it’s not going to hurt? Will it hurt more than this or that?” I’m sure they were fed up with me! 😆

So the papers get signed and they escort me to this backroom to wait. It was like being in a closet. I was thinking the whole time, “I hope this isn’t where I get pierced.” Well it wasn’t. The piercer came and got me and took me to another room which looked much more sterile! 😆

He asked me if I was ready and I answered with and loud and firm, “NO!!” The piercer was training another guy and he kept ensuring me that there was nothing to be afraid of. He shared his own piercing stories with me to make me feel better.

They had me lift up my shirt so they could mark the holes. Then I laid down on the table. I asked the guy in training to hold my hand for me 🙂 I was distracted by the piercer teaching the other guy what to do so I did not see him grab the needle. He clamped my belly, told me to take a deep breath, and POP, the needle was through.

It stung a little, but I was totally shocked at how much it did not hurt! He put the ring in and told me to sit up and tell him how much I loved it. I DID!! They had me sit in the waiting room for another fifteen minutes just to make sure I was ok to go. I left feeling like a new woman, eyeing up every piece of belly jewelry as I left.

It’s healing pretty well now and I can not wait until I can change it!