By Danielle, Mobile, Alabama

Belly Button Piercing Story

I’ve just turned 18 two months ago, so I thought it would be cool to get a belly ring to say I’m finally legal! ❗

On the day I went I took my Boyfriend to go with me cause I was a little nervous. Really don’t like needles but I really wanted that belly ring. So when we finally walked in the shop there was this tall ball headed guy, he had tattoos everywhere. And a big woman with a mustache doing tattoos.

The man who does piercings looked nice at first but when I walked in he yelled “WHAT DO YOU WANT!” 😡

And I didn’t understand what he said at first so I said excuse me and he yelled even louder, what made me kinda jump. I was kinda terrified then, I signed the papers and blah blah then it was time for me to go in the room.

I said to myself oh my goodness as he had the needle and he yelled at me again and said “DON’T!” I really didn’t want to get it anymore once I seen the look on my boyfriend’s face. When he finally assorted it in he couldn’t seem to get the ball in. 😐

He toggled with that for ten minutes while yelling cause he kept dropping it. Then he finally got it on, and I was so relieved. He told me nothing about healing he just got my money and left. I will never go there again! 👿

So now it’s healing great, I got online and asked around to see how to make it heal. It’s been a breeze I love my belly pierce! 😉