my belly button piercing!

By Katie from Michigan.

i got my belly button pierced about two months ago. what inspired me to get my belly button done was losing weight.

i always wanted to get it done but i am really body conscious. so i saved my money up and after i lost 15 pounds i went and got it done! i did need my parents permission,plus Birth Certificate, and ID. It was two for Tuesdays so my mom got hers done too.i guess you could say it was a win/win lol.

i went to Gun Lake Tattoos, i’ve been their before when i got my lip done last year. i love going their and i wouldn’t go anywhere else! hes a nice guy and explains EVERYTHING! and answers all your questions. i know when i got my lip done it didn’t hurt at ALL but when i went to get my belly done….it was a whole different story lol…i had to lay down on this bed thing and i watched while he got everything ready, he asked me if i wanted him to count or just quickly do it. i was so scared and nervous that i was just do it. I would say the clamp hurt less then the needle! i actually yeled “HOLY S&*%#!” LOL. but it was quick and the guy knew what he was doing.

he also said belly button piercings was the most popular their. after all that pain, me and my mom went to the dollar store and got anti bacterial soap and sea salt. The healing process was quick i know i was risking an infection but i changed my belly button at 3 weeks.. it didn’t hurt at all and its still doing good! i put in a simple pink checkered acrylic belly button ring i got from where i win all my body jewelry from. Ive talked to people about belly button piercings and they hate them and say i wish i never got mine done! but i don’t know whats so bad about them. i LOVE mine! and im soo soo glad i got mine done! =]

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