By Dominique from Zions Grove, PA

Belly Button Piercing Story

I always wanted my belly pierced ever since I was little. My mom said that if I found a place that I can get it done at then I can get it done.

I was 15 and one of my friends told me about a place she got it done. Once I told my mom about it she took me. When I went I was really scared. To me the place looked clean. They didn’t have any rings they normal do it with do I picked a dangle on.

After I got it done it was fine, just somewhat red. After a month it was still red I cleaned it and thought I was doing a good job. I had it done for a year and the skin around it became very thin. I asked my people about it and they said my body might be rejecting the piercing. I didn’t really believe them I thought it was suppose to be like that.

Then I asked my boyfriend if it looked like that when I got it done a year ago, and he said no. I went to a different place and asked. He said that since the skin was so small he can do it over it. It looks so much better now!

The place that I got it done before told me to use Neosporin on it for a week but the Ink Spot (the place I just got it done at) told me that Neosporin is for cuts not piercings!

I am very happy I got it redone. I’m just hoping it doesn’t get rejected again!…