The WRONG Piercing!!

By Jason, US

Belly Button Piercing Experience

My brother has always wanted his eyebrow pierced. I wanted one a little too but not as bad. So one night me my girlfriend and my brother went to the tattoo parlor (now let me remind you we all wern’t in the right state of mind, good thing the tattoo parlor was right down the street so we didn’t have to drive) 😉

So we go in my brother says he wants his eyebrow done so he signs papers and picks out a blue barbell, goes back behind the counter to get it done. Comes back out yea its looks ok so my girlfriend wanted her belly button done so she does the same signs some papers picks out her ring, she got a plain purple barbell i go back with her she squeezes the crap out of me but it ended up going well.

OK, so now its my turn i thought i was getting my eyebrow done. Nope! I thought wrong i go back and i get something pierced. Somehow i end up walking out with my bellybutton pierced too!!!!!

Let me tell you this is NOT what i wanted at all! 😡

So by now i figure you are wondering how the crap i ended up with my bellybutton done and not my eyebrow…well ok my stupid brother told me that he would give me all my rent money if i did my bellybutton instead of my eyebrow.

Since it’s hidden and that i’m so laid back that i don’t care i go through with it. But the bet was that i had to keep it in for a year and wear whatever belly ring he picked out for me! Ugh! 😯

Why did i ever agree to do this? So i walk out with a PINK ring and now he’s making me wear a pink one with dangling hearts!! Bad idea don’t ever go up on bets with your older brothers!

Belly Piercing Story – Determination!

By: Ashley, Austin, Tx, USA

Belly Button Piercing Story

I had wanted to get my belly button pierced ever since I was twelve years old. My 16th birthday rolled around in April and I decided that would be an appropriate time to ask. Well, I asked, and got, the classic answer, “No!” My parents would not budge. To my dad it was inappropriate and to my mom it was up to dad.

So I wasn’t getting anywhere. I was pretty upest and was determined to get my belly button pierced. November came and still hadn’t gotten anyhwere so I decided to take matters into my own hands and pierce it myslef.

So on night I pierced it with an earring stud and then the next day when to get the hole stretched so that a standard sized barbell would fit in the hole. I got a barbell with clear stones at the top and bottom. I loved it!

My mom got home from work that day and I went out to her car lifted up my shirt so she could see and she was pissed! She got used to it about an hour later and decided it wasn’t all that bad. Score I got mom’s approval now the trick was keeping it from dad.

Well that was easy to do! January comes and I started noticing that the hole began to get thin so I went had had a piercer look at it and he told me that my body was rejecting the piercing. I was upset! So I took the barbell out and let it heal.

So I talked to my mom and ask her if she would take me to get it professionally done in 3 weeks. She agreed! I was so excited and anxiously awaited the day! So three weeks past by ever so slowly and that night we drove to Platinum Ink and when we walked in we went up to the desk and told the man that I wanted to get my bellybutton pierced.

He asked for our driver’s licenses, made a copy of them, and gave us a stack of papers to fill out. We filled the paper’s out and returned them to the man at the desk and then I picked out the barbell that would sit in my stomach for the next 6 months.

Jason (my piercer) called us back to the room where I would be pierced. He first marked me to with a purple pen and asked me to look in the mirror to make sure that I liked the alignment. Then I was asked to lie on a dentist like chair. He stuck the needle in then put the jewelry in and I popped up out of the chair and ran to the mirror to look at my new piercing!

I was in love with it! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to show everyone except for my dad of course.
In June we were at my brother’s baseball tournament in Houston, Texas and I was going to work out so I put on my sports bra and realized that I had forgotten my shirt in my suitcase. I didn’t know that to do because my dad was right outside in the room.

So I just waited for a little bit. Low and behold he bust in and see’s my piercing! He was like what is that and I was like my bellybutton ring and he asked who took me and when I got it. I told him that I went myself and got it for my birthday.

LIE! He wasn’t too happy. He quickly got over it and not another word was said about it! I got lucky on that one! I absolutely LOVE my bellybutton piercing and would suggest it to anyone considering getting it done!