Finally, a Girl’s Dream Came True!

By Brianna, from New York.

I’ve wanted my belly button pierced since I was around ten, when I found out you could pierce a belly button! My mother would NEVER let me get any sort of piercing except my ears, so I had to wait until I left for college. I looked up piercing shops online near my school, and picked one where they offered the cheapest prices, including the first piece of jewelry AND aftercare solution in the total cost.

I told my roommate that if it looked sketchy we were leaving, but it didn’t; it was open, clean, and well-lit. There were two people ahead of me already there getting pierced and the piercer was very professional. When it was my turn, I asked “belly button please,” and he told me to pick my jewelry. I had brought a bioplast piece with me but he recommended against using it (which turned out to be silly GO BIOPLAST FOR INITIAL PIERCINGS, I’ve learned from experience!), so I picked a stainless steel one with blue gems from the case. He took it to be sterilized and directed me to the percing area. I stood in front of the mirror to be able to watch him mark my belly as we discussed our slight OCD tendencies in terms of exactness. Finally it was chair time and he instructed me to lie across the chair so my belly was flat.

I’ve been scared of needles my whole life, but I’d been wanting this SO BAD for SO LONG. I figured since I was paying the guy, I wasn’t going to freak out on him, haha. My roommate held my hand, the piercer put the clamps on, said “ready,” and OUCH! Of course it HURT, but the discomfort of the clamps helped distract from the pain. My roommate told me I was so beast about it, and that my expression didn’t even change, nor did I squeeze her hand. If someone who once took 2+ hours to get blood drawn was beast about this, then you can defo handle it, too! 🙂 I looked in the mirror and instantly LOVED IT!! It was well worth 30 seconds of pain! He gave me a sea salt spray, instructing me to spray twice a day, and a card with aftercare instructions on it.

Are you looking for First Time Belly Button Rings?

First Time Belly Button RingsWhen you are on your search for first time belly button rings, there are many things that you have to consider. The material is one of them and it is so important to choose the right material for your piercing.

Many people make the mistake of choosing the most attractive ring for their first piercing. However, if you do this then you could end up putting yourself at risk of a nasty infection. Just as when you have your ears pierced, you will usually be given a simple design to wear until the piercing has healed.

However, if you would like to choose your own belly ring then you can; you just need to follow some basic rules.

What Belly Button Rings to Look For

When searching for the perfect first time belly button rings, you need to look for certain materials. One of the most common is Bioplast and it is ideal because it has a non-stick surface. It is not uncommon for crust to form after you have had your naval piercing. If this isn’t cleaned then it can cause an infection. Some belly button rings attract the crust and it sticks to the surface, making it hard to remove. Bioplast navel rings eliminate this problem and they are more hygienic to wear.

Another good material to choose is titanium. One of the best things about titanium belly rings is that they are quite light to wear. Stainless steel is a good material to opt for, but unfortunately they can be slightly heavy. So if you are not used to wearing a belly ring then it could be a little too uncomfortable. Also there are many fake stainless steel rings out there which could cause a reaction to the skin. This means that you have to be extra careful when choosing stainless steel belly rings.

So when you do choose your ideal first time belly button rings, make sure that you choose from the materials above. So many people do not realise that their first ring is an important one. You cannot just choose any old design as it could cause problems. Overall if you follow the advice above you will end up having the best belly ring to suit your needs.