12 years young.

By Emily, from Mt. Keira, Australia.

I got my belly button pierced when i was12 years old. It was a very painful proxess resulting in me fainting.

I kept the original piercing bar in for about a month or so. That was when the stones fell out after my first swimming experience.

So, i went to a tattoo parlour and got a new bar put in. I knew it wasn’t healed. So i didn’t do it myself. I didn’t do it myself until my piercing was about 6 months old. But even then i was paranoid about steralising, clean hands, anti bact soap and everything.

I’m now 14 and have the same belly piercing. Im still fair paranoied about it because i have made it this far without infection and i love it a heap. Even today i call it the best $90 ever spent.