Pixie Stix!

By Kai, from AZ

I got my navel pierced about 6 months ago, just before I turned 17. It was the sixth of my seven piercings—one in the lip, four in the ears, one in my tongue and my tummy button. I’d been tempted to get it for years but I wasn’t sure because I’d heard it was exceptionally painful and gets really easily infected but in the end I decided to just go for it.

Being 16, I needed parental consent, so my mom took me to the same shop where she’d had all her tattoos done.

My piercer’s name was Justin Bear and he took his job very seriously—it was his art. He told us about how he went to seminars every year and was medically trained. He explained the entire procedure and answered all my questions. I picked out my jewelry, a simple banana barbell with a black jewel and got in the chair.

The pain was undeniably there but not unbearable. When I got my lip pierced, it was really fast—the entire thing took less than ten seconds, but getting my navel pierced took significantly longer, at leas a minute or two and that was the part that sucked. Deep breaths.

Afterwards I got up and I felt fine for a few minutes. We were talking about the aftercare when I started getting light headed—Justin got me some water and I sat down and fainted a minute later. Justin caught me mid-nosedive and I had a really cool dream while I was apparently convulsing all over the bench.

My mom was just short of hysterical but I thought it was pretty funny. When I woke up, Justin gave me a bunch of candy to boost my blood sugar—he always has a steady supply of pixie sticks just in case, what a superstar. I fainted because my day had consisted of waking up, eating a popsicle, and going straight to the tattoo shop—so I hadn’t eaten anything substantial and my blood sugar was too low to handle the surge of adrenaline in my system. Justin said it happened all the time, one woman peed herself when she fainted.
Fainting isn’t that bad, but it isn’t that great either.

Eat before you ever get pierced!

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