I got mine pierced when I was eight teen.

By Elaine from Summerville.

My dad gave me $200 for xmas/my bday. So I asked my aunt to take me a couple days after my bday. I went into the place and signed the papers and stuff. The man put on the clamp that hurt more than the piercing itself. I also got my nose pierced the same day too. I will say the nose hurt more than the belly. I went in thinking my belly would hurt way more than my nose. So when he put the neddle through my nose it felt like I was shot in the face lol. Yes a tear did come out. I couldn’t help it. But it’s over within twenty seconds. If you take proper care of your piercing, it should not get infected.

I wash it daily with salt and hot water. And I try not to touch my piercings unless i really have to, but I do make sure my hands are clean first.

My piercer said to wait at least 4-6 weeks before changing it piercing. I waited almost 4 to 5 months to change mine because I didn’t think it had healed well enough. Don’t stress if it’s not healed by tat time, everyone’s own body is different and it can take up to one and a half years for it to fully heal.

I tried to avoid swimming for a couple of months. If you cant avoid it, make sure you wear a waterproof bandage over your piercing. Not bandaids, as they stick to the piercing and hurt when you pull it off.

This also goes for when you play sport, because you don’t want sweat to get into the piercing – leading to an infection. Wear a bandage or something to protect it & try not to knock it as this can cause aggravation.

Changing the ring doesn’t hurt a bit, but if you’re worried, ask a friend or family memeber who has there’s done to help you.

I’m really happy with mine, it looks great! & now I love to wear bikinis, because I have a chance to show it off without feeling self-conscious. 🙂