Inverse navel piercing

By Brittany from La Puente.

I’m 24 years old. 3 years ago, when I was 21, I had my first navel piercing done. I submitted my story here at the time. It was a home piercing, done by my then-boyfriend (now ex). Since then, I’ve become fascinated with body piercings and have done extensive research on the subject. I had my nipples done professionally last year, and decided it was time for something new.

Anyways, on to my piercing story. I’d been admiring navel industrials since my first navel piercing. I decided to go for it and get an inverse piercing. I brushed up on my research, and decided that I could attempt a self-piercing. I went on ebay and ordered a navel piercing kit- containing a pair of black gloves, 14g piercing needle, receiving cork, alcohol wipe, sea salt, lubricant for the needle and jewelry, clamp, and 14g CBR.

I recieved the kit on Saturday and got everything set up. I cleaned the area first with soap and water, and then put on the gloves and cleaned the area with the alcohol wipe. I used a marker to mrk the piercing, then used the clamp, making sure that the dots I had made lined up. As I began inserting the needle, I realized that this wasn’t my best idea. I managed to get the needle all the way through, but before I could get it into the cork, the clamp slipped out of place, and the needle retracted into the piercing. At that point, I was about to give up. I knew there was no way I’d be able to get the CBR in. I decided to use the titanium curved barbell I had used on my first navel piercing, instead. I managed to get it almost all the way in, but it took a bit of wiggling to get it through the bottom hole, as the skin had already started to close.
I’ve been doing regular saline soaks and using bactine, as I was told to do when I had my nipples done last year. It looks good so far, but I’m being cautious because of the complications I had.
I love it, though! I love how the two look together, and I’m going to get industrial jewelry to connect the two after it heals.

Double Navel Piercing – Flaunt It With Style!

Double Navel PiercingNavel body piercing has always been exotic and fashionable…

But of the various types of navel body piercing, however, the sexiest and most attractive is the double navel piercing.

The navel has always been voted one of the most attractive features in a woman and there is no better way to make it look even more gorgeous than with a simple navel piercing or a double navel piercing.

You have probably seen a lot of celebrities wow their fans with sexy belly button piercings. In fact, Alicia Silverstone is credited with making belly button piercings famous in Aerosmith’s video – Cryin. Well, these days just about everyone can go in for one and the good news is that it is neither expensive nor very painful!

The navel piercing is done through the rim of the navel, at the skin fold. Some people prefer one on top and one at the bottom of the belly button, where the top is at the top ridge of the navel and the bottom is the inverse belly piercing on the bottom ridge of the navel. This naturally depends on how much skin is available. The double navel piercing is often joined with a single barbell to give you a navel industrial piercing.

When you get your double navel piercing done, ensure that you get it done with an experienced piercer. Make sure that safe first time piercing materials are used because you want to avoid the risk of infection. Also ask your piercer about how to take care of the piercing to help it heal fast. Experts will advise you to go with a PTFE barbell that is flexible and safe.

Double navel piercings just look fabulous! Just take care to see that it heals properly. It can take as much as a few months to a year to completely heal after which you can have fun trying different kinds of jewelry. Bananabells are very these days and look quite erotic. In fact there’s plenty of choice in belly button jewelry when you get a double navel piercing done and you can enthrall everyone with different types of jewelry!