13 & Navel Pierced!

By Emily from Wollongong, Australia

Belly Piercing Story

My name is Emily and for my 13th birthday I got my belly button pierced! I’d wanted it done for a while and I got it! This made me one of the youngest to get it done.

On my birthday I begged my dad, as my mum had said no. He called the tattoo parlor and they said they would do it. I was quite nervous, but also really exited! My mum said I could go, but she was counting on my chickening out.

When I walked in, I felt really nervous I looked at heaps of belly bars, and I found a really pretty one! This motivated me to tell the Tattoo man that I would get it done.

After the bar was sterilized I went into a small area (just a bit bigger than a toilet cubicle) and got the hole marked out. When I finally lied down to get it, I was just really trying to distract my self! The clamps went on and i couldn’t feel them. It was all very easy and I couldn’t feel anything…

Then the needle went in! That pain was hell! The worst i ever felt, i didn’t cry, but i really felt like it. After totally distracting myself, IT WAS DONE!

And it didn’t really hurt anymore. I sat up and my vision went all blurry, I couldn’t hear, and my face got really hot! The next thing I knew I was lying down again. I had blacked out for 2 minutes! When i tried to get up again it worked!

I had sugar and water and then after about 10 minutes it was fine! I’m really happy with my navel piercing! 🙂