By Sarah Elizabeth, Virginia, USA

Belly Button Piercing

I’m very mature for my age. I’ve always been the daring girl with the big boobs, no joke!

I’ve wanted my belly pierced since 5th grade when my best friend and I saw a picture of one in a magazine. As years passed I forgot about it.

I got my ears pierced. Then double pierced. Then I had my cartilege pierced. After adding a second cartilege and a triple piercing, i remembered my belly.

I started asking in January. Time and time again my parents refused. 🙁 I even tried shoving a push pin in one day to see how much it would hurt. Finally i put together a packet to show how dedicated i was to getting this done. My parents said i could! I was so excited! 😀

So i went online and found an amazing place called the body gallery. One day after volleyball practice my dad showed up to drive there, we entered in the address into the GPS in our car. But it was so weird, we showed up at the place, a really shady, creepy store with tinted windows and thugs hanging around smoking. 😕

My dad told me that if it was dirty we were going home. So we walk inside and BOOM. It was bright, clean, sanitary and had classical music playing and a fountain. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! So the man who did mine, Ben, was extremly nice and professional and answered all my questions.

Honestly, he looked scary. 😉 He marked it, made me lay down and clamped it. So I’m terrified of needles, as in, typically i need to be drugged for my flu shot. So here i am, laying down on the table, gripping my phone for dear life.

He pierced it. I’m not gonna lie, it hurt. Only For about 4 seconds. then it was done! I was the first to get it done in my school and im so excited to show it off at the beach this summer!


I Can’t Believe I Got it!

By Maveline D, NC, US

Belly Piercing Story

I don’t know how I got this idea of getting my belly pierced! It must have been at soccer practice! A lot of my friends had their bellies pierced and I thought it was soo cute and I wanted one jus like theirs!

I was determined to get it done and I even thought of doing it myself but I’m glad I stopped myself before it was too late! My birthday was in 3 months and I discussed my decision to my mom one day in the car! What was her first response? NO! 😯

But I kept bugging and told her all the reasons why I should get it and there wasn’t anything wrong with it so she told me to wait and she would think it through. I would bug my mom every now and then and than finally it was Wed. May 27 and I came out of my bedroom and asked her! “Ma’ are you going to let me get the piercing?” She responded YES!

And I was soo excited! 😆 “But I have no money so bug your dad about it!” Great, I thought!! I never see my dad! How I’m a supposed to get some cash? So I waited for the weekend to come and I canceled all the plans I had made with my friends and dialed my dad!

I explained the situation to him and he said OKAY! He would take me at 4:30 and it was already 1:00 So I had to get up and get dressed! I texted my friend for directions to the parlor were she had gone to and she told me about “Twisted 6s” a tattoo and piercer behind the local mall!

So I rushed and got ready! Waited for him to come and left. We must have been waiting for at least an hour and then finally a man named Scotty came out and said I’ll take u upstairs and get u pierced up!! So me and my dad went up to their lounge were there were there were other people getting tattooed up we went inside a small room there was a chair two stools and a desk!

Take a seat for now but we’re going to do this standing up! “Umm okay?” I sat down my dad next to me and I watched as the guy got all the stuff ready sterilizing the ring and taking out the needle from its fresh package.

“You ready Hun?” “Yeah it’s now or never!” “Are you scared? Nervous?” Just a lil nervous is all! I’ll be good! “Well of course you’re going to be nervous, everyone is when they try something new!”

I was shaking in my shoes but I wanted to appear strong in front of my dad! “Here we got! Take a deep breath…now let it out” UGHHHH! Is all that could come out because I couldn’t even talk! “You’re all done! Are you okay? Do you need to sit down? Do u feel like you’re going to faint?”

NO I’M GOOD!!! I felt his hands on my belly and it hurt he was tightening up the lil ball at the top! But again I held my breath! “Take the pain Mave” is all I could think!! “You’re all good Hun ready to go?” Yeah!! We started walking down a flight of stairs which by the way were swirly! And I was just trying to hold my stomach so it wouldn’t hurt as I stepped down!

They gave me some H2OCEAN and some Directions to keep my Piercing in good shape!! Happily but in pain I walked out of the parlor and hopped in the car and we were off!


A Dream Come True

By Ginger, Kentucky

Belly Button Piercing Experience

I was lying in bed one morning and I thought to myself: “Did I just dream I had a belly ring and that I was showing it off to a old friend that I haven’t seen in three years”?

I grab my shirt and pull it up… there was no belly ring! and I thought – you know a belly ring would look really cute on me and I hate my belly button anyway! 🙂

So I spring out of bed and run to the kitchen and tell my mom all about this dream about having a belly button ring and seeing my old friend Jayde at a drag race.

She was like: “That’s a strange dream alright”, then I ask her the question: “Mom would u let my pierce my belly button”? “No” – she replied and I was really upset so I thought – umm let’s go on the Internet and do some research about belly rings and see how they do it and read teens that have theirs done.

So I told her about all this searching I was doing and she really could see that I wanted this done so she said: “Let’s talk to dad and see what he says!” So dad told her: “If she wants to get it done – let her, she is about to turn 18!”

So I was so excited when i head this and so I ran upstairs and grab the yellow pages and started looking up piercing shops and called around for times and locations. Then I finally found one called Body Art Emporium in Louisville and so I told Mom the times and she said – OK, I will take you because I will have to co-sign for you.

So on the drive there I was so excited I was babbling to my mom and I don’t think she was even listening to my jabber on the way down to Body Art Emporium. 😉

So we get to the shop and the walls are covered in designs of tattoos every where and every one was in this tiny little building waiting in line to get tattoos and the place was somewhat dingy and smelt like cigarette smoke and body odor…:???:

But it was clean and somewhat well kept. This tall somewhat hibbly guy with covered tattoo arms and long hair and beard about in his late forties I would say asked me “Can I help you?” I said “I’m here for a navel piercing”. He said “lift up your shirt” and he looked and said “I can pierce that“.

So he hands my mom the papers and she signs and he takes me back into a room and sits me down in a chair and says “I’m going to tell you how you need to clean this daily for three months while I’m getting everything really here.”

So he does and he makes a dot on my navel with a permanent black sharpie and then tells me to lay back. He clamps it and counts to three and before he got to three it was done and over with and I paid him and left!

On the way home my mom said – “let me see that’s so cute! When i got home my dad really didn’t care about it :lol:  so my dream did come true!


By Kalie, Miami, Florida

Belly Piercing Story

OK well I always wanted a belly button ring ever since I was like 13 and now I’m 15…but I always begged my dad and he always said no no no every time… 😕

Soo I’m kinda sneaky lol So I went to my step mom and I asked her but she said I have to ask my dad ughh 👿

So I did once again and this time he said ok!! But on my b-day witch was like 3 months away so I was like fine! But later on my step mom made my dad agree that I should get it the next day..


So the next day I went to a place called MY TATTOO SHOP and my dad filled out the papers and paid… Next thing I know I’m going in to a cold room I was soo nervous after she marked it I laid on the bed thing lol and she clutched my belly witch hurt kind of and told me to take a deep breath in and out and she pierced it..

IT HURT SOO BAD 😥 but after it was over I was very happy that I got it done and I would never regret it!!

My Lovely Belly Piercing

By Shan Lee, Colorado

Belly Button Piercing Story

I’ve had my belly button pierced twice…

The first time i got it was on my 16th bday but before i got it i had to beg my dad a million times just to get him to say yes and he basically just gave it to me as my bday gift, so afta bday shoppin i went straight to the piercing salon and got it over & done with and it didnt hurt at all!!

But after it was done i noticed that it was crooked and he had only pierced a thin amount of skin but it was barely noticeable, but it bothered me alot!!

But my firends told me that you couldn’t even tell so i left it alone for 2 years and it wasnt hard to take care of either, but mine took a year to heal… but after a lot of thinkin i decided to take it out and get it re-pierced kuz if i have it pierced i might as well be happy with it right??

So thats what i did i took it out and waited 4 months to get it re-done & lemme tell you the 2nd time around it hurt more kuz of the scar tissue but its nothing unbareable… and now im happy with it!! 🙂

But heres a picture of my first belly piercing!!


By Vanessa, California

Belly Button Piercing Story

I’ve been wanting to get my bellybutton pierced since i was 11 or 12, and my dad doesn’t care what kind of piercings i get, so he was fine with it. I went to the piercing place and they said to wait a few years to get it, so i patiently waited.

So for my 16th birthday, i talked my mom into it and she said it was fine.

I brought my mom, my aunt, and boyfriend and they took us into this room. I picked my ring that was a barbell with orange and purple plastic balls. The guy told my to stand up and he marked me, then i layed down.

I was looking at the needle he was going to use and was getting nervous, but i didn’t let that get to me. After he put the clamper on me, he told me to take a deep breath and then shoved the needle though. When he shoved the needle through, that didn’t hurt. It was putting the ring in after that really hurt.

I was happy with how it came out. I think it was worth it! I’ve had it for about a month now, and it’s healing just fine.