Finally! after waiting forever and a day

By CeCe, from Canada.

Three years ago my little sister and i diecided to get our belly buttons done together. we were sooooooo excited but our dad said we couldnt get one. talk about crushed dreams. my sister and i were still really persistant though and everyday when he would come home we would make dinner and clean and do his landury. this went on for about 6 months befor my sister quit on me and i was left doing it all by myself for the next 2 and a half years. i know it seems like a lot to do for just a piercing but i really wanted it. im now 17 and my dad finally gave into letting me get one. i was sooo excited. i called the place where i got it piecred and booked an appointment for that weekend. on the way to go get my belly piecred we picked up my boyfriend of four years to come with us. it seemed like it took forever to get to the piercing place and when we finally arrived i was soooooo nervous. my piercers name was brayan and he was really nice and told me everything he was going to do. he marked my belly asked me if it looked straight then told me to lay down on the dentist like chair. my boyfriend was standing behind me holding my hands so i had a distraction. brayan clamped my belly button told me to breath in and out three times then pushed the needle through. i have to say that it did hurt a little but it was over so quick i barely felt it. i cleaned it twice a day everyday for 6 months and it finally healed just intime for our trip to florida. im looking forward to showing off my belly ring on the beach!! hope i helped a little 😀